Dealer tells me I have to use Techron?

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  1. some of you suprise me how actually small minded you are. since obviously you dont believe me about the chevron techron issue dont bother going to c5 and do a search on the gas gauge issue.

    i was going to reply to the 2 clowns, big foot and 05 blk-blk but whos more the fool when you argue with 1?

    and whos the dummy with the hump your leg issue? grow up and get some class. youd never read that on the vette board.

    im not saying its the definite positive fix. but if your so sure im wrong, whatever.
  2. Sounds like someone drank the koolaid... :rolleyes:

    Oh - I read it on the internet and so it MUST be true!!! :eek:

  3. Look Donny,

    I'm not completely discounting the possibility that the Techron additive will clear up the situation. :shrug: But, your attitude about the whole thing just plain sucks. You expect everyone to embrace it with open arms and be happy about it when they're chucking $5.00 / bottle over the counter. And you tell me of all people, corvette people are happy doing it? :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Keep talking and you'll find out who she is when you cant login. Grab your kneepads and head back over to the 'vette forums.
  4. I thought about that, but you know....if I did that then I would be registering ~524 RWHP. At least thats what I read on the 'vette forums. :shrug: :spot:

    And I cant handle that much power. :lol:
  5. I agree. I've dealt with GM and Ford and I've come to one conclusion when it comes to service reps. They are High Dollar Hostess's.
  6. Yeah, those corvette owners are so much more mature than us stangnetters. Go add techron for an electronic problem--they may be more mature, but they sure are gullible.
  7. OK, lets clear a few things up; I haul gas for a living. To SOME extent, depending on WHERE you live, all grades of gas ARE made at one refinery. But here in south Louisiana, I haul gas from eight different racks ( there's a difference here, between racks and refineries) SOME racks, get their product from several different refineries and by a long shot, not ALL regular and premium gas is the same. Chevron's premium is by far, THE best gas money can buy. I know just from hands on experience handling and using the stuff. Regular gas also varies greatly in quality, I can tell this from the various colors of the stuff, depending on where I pick it up from. Here in south louisiana, I haul from ten different refineries, and their gas is not all the same. I also haul from one RACK which is located at the junction of two piplines,which originate in the Houston Tx. area, so there's no telling how many refineries supply this one rack and certainly not all the regular gas there is the same. One of these pipelines runs all the way up to New Jersey and supplies numerous racks along it's length. So these racks are also supplied by more than one refinery. As for those who think Chevron's advertising is BS, I have a lawn mower that certainly knows better. After running several tanks of the "cheap" stuff in it, it starts to run like crap. At that time I pour in a tank of Chevron premium and after mowing my two acre yard, it's back to normal again. Techron DOES work, I've had this happen numerous times to know what I'm talking about. Texaco and Shell also use Techron in their premium. And it's also present in their midgrade gas too. Midgrade is the oil companies money maker. Generally the price at the pump is a ten cents difference between regular(87 octane) & midgrade and also between mid to premium ( 93 octane). But midgrade (89 octane) is made by mixing 35% premium to 65% regular. The ten cent price spread reflects a 50/50 mix though, if you mixed it in your tank by pumping half and half ( reg. & prem.) you'd get 90 octane gas. As for the electrical problem in the tank sender, I think it's just that, an electrical problem, I doubt it's caused by the gas in the tank, but it still could be. elcetrical problems such as this can have some strange causes and just as well have some strange fixes. :D

  8. Never in my wildest dream, would I have ever thought, you and I did the same thing for a living.. LOL!! I haul JET and AVGAS.... I also, do TOSCO, SHELL, and Chevron.. You Da man Mr. DHearn! I knew it! :nice:
  9. Yeah we do this at our dealership too. The techron additive from these bottles only require it to be put it once or twice on an almost empty tank of gas. Once or twice ever. We give it to the people that have the fuel gauge proplems and it fixes it. They come back and tell us a month or two later that its all working fine. It is true and has been working but it should'nt be every three tanks. Thats :bs: . Just needs to coat the sensors at first. I'm sure te newer stangs have this fixed already.
  10. Brother's in arms-------- Tanker-Yankers :D You been working like us down here since Katrina? Been 2 weeks since I had a day off. :notnice: Nice, though to pull up to a rack and load whatever's handy when it comes to low-sul, high sul diesel. :D That's got a few of the truckers baffled :rlaugh: One driver came into the store with a bottle he filled at the pump with red diesel. He held it up and asked, "what's this". I answered, looks like red diesel to me. :D
  11. Great post! Thanks for the info. :)

  12. Damn RED Diesel!! I hate haulin it! I gotta flush the damn trailer everytime.. LOL!! Even the off loading side, cause it stays in the pipes.. When I haul JET, I gotta use the white porcelain bucket to check for colors!

    Did you get the warning about this Sunday? I hope you have that day off D.Hearne.. I lucked out on this rotation, and have it off..
  13. Hey Donny, Let us get on thing VERY clear here, I didn't pick the CT nor ask for it. :notnice: Tylers65 gave it to me as it has been an ongoing issue since the moment I came on this board. If you have a issue with how it impacts my class - take it up with the Admin who assigned it.

    Please refrain from making a wide generalized statement about my degree of class. You know nothing about me except what is on this board. If you continue to get your panties in a bunch when most of the things here are said in fun, I will point you to the door and back to your beloved corvette forum.

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. :nice:

  14. Good info. The electrical sensor is located in the tank? I was thinking of a sealed float assembly isolating the electrical portion to the outside of the tank. What is it about the Techron that coats? I was thinking it cleans. :shrug: Thats what I get for thinking. :rlaugh:

    I'm just curious as to exactly what the techron is doing to solve the issue.
  15. Sounds like you have a better description for the "ladies" than I do. But, then again some of the fellas are not much better.

    Hey fellas....Just want you all to try to keep this in context. This is a open forum for us to discuss ideas and problems. Sometimes I poke fun at a situation in general, but always feel frustrated and concerned about the issues that personally impact your lives, including problems with the Stang. :nice:

    So, if my light jesting offends anyone, I apologize. :flag: Electronic communication can make for a dry exchange and humor can get lost in the mix. But, just keep the wedgie feelings at bay, I think if we all take a moment and think before we pop off a dissertation, we realize most of this is in good humor.

  16. Techron addresses the following area:

    Fuel Injector deposits can impact fuel flow, upsetting the air/flow mixture. You experience hesitation or stumble during acceleration, even loss of power, increased emission of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

    Reduce your car's octane requirement to help eliminate the need to purchase higher octane gasoline.

    Intake Valve deposits can absorb fuel during engine warm-up, leaning out the fuel/air mixture, and leading to poor driveability, even loss of power and increased emissions.

    Combustion Chamber deposits can lead to auto-ignition of the air/fuel mixture which causes knocking, pinging, run-on, poor acceleration, and increased emissions of nitrogen oxides.

    This is from Chervron's literature. Nothing in here would indicate that running Techron will fix an issue with the sending unit electrical. Since I had my tank replaced under the TSB issue, my fuel gauge has never worked the same. I fill up and it sits where it was until AFTER I turn the car off, it sits for a period of time (like an hour) and then I start it again and drive for a while. The set-up of the integrated sending unit as Afixer indicated on page 1 is an interesting set-up and prone to damage. The advent of electrical relay and fuel level indication in lieu of floats is not great in my opinion. I would rather have a mechanical item, then an electrical item telling me what is up. Just like DBW technology, newer technology isn't better, it simply is what it is.

    Tony....keep us posted and let us know what's up.

  17. I wasnt sexually discriminating. :) Trust me when I say that the women have been more informative then the guys. :nice:
  18. What's the deal with Sunday? Ain't heard nothin down here. :shrug:------------As for the "white bucket" ----- two racks I pick up at also load jet fuel. Using the "white bucket", that's a :nono: :nono: for us. :D Unless you want to get locked out for a few days :D One guy I heard of using the bucket, did it simply to yank the terminal manager's chain :rlaugh: The TM wasn't didn't think it was funny. :rolleyes:
  19. Well, they have to have something installed in the tank to transfer the dynamic to the electronics. And unless they're using a capacitance probe or ultrasonic (highly doubt) level transmitter (LT) which, both of which utilize fixed Level Elements (LE's), they have to be using some sort of float assembly internal attached to a potentiometer of sorts external to transfer the variable resistance. I'm almost guessing it must be a capacitance. Seems to be the only thing that sludge buildup would affect.
  20. I know you weren't. I was actually referring to them as being High Dollar Hookers.... LOL... At the dealership I go to, they are all 9+ hotties with low cut shirts and drop dead bodies. Most of the poor men in there have this glazed over look as they explain their issues...They just look at the women like "mmmmmmmmmmm sandwich". :rlaugh: .. so in turn, the men hear nothing. The dealer scoots them out the door with a bottle Techron that will "fix" their hidden issue for 3,000 miles in hopes that the mileage gauge rolls past 36,000 and then they can come back for the real solution on their own $.

    I am not picking on them. Most of it is a simple business cost containment issue. Let the consumer or the TPA of the warranty pay for it. Saves Ford $ and passes the buck to be able to meet "street" expectations on analyst figures. Hell, with a near junk stock rating, they have to work hard to pull out of this tail spin.