Deals on Black Bullitts, also where do I get taller rear tires?


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Jul 26, 2008
Denver, CO
Driving in the snow caused me to spin and hit the curb, both sides of the road. Good news is, insurance is going to buy me 4 new wheels and tires. But I need them fast as the car is not drivable now, and its a pain. Question:

Anyone know where I can get a good deal on black bullitts?

Anyone know of a website that sells the black bullitts as a kit with 255/45/18s, and 275/45/18s? I want 275/45 (possibly 275/50) in the rear, but the only kits I can find come with 275/40s in the back. Also, AM does not even carry 275/45.

Am I going to have to buy the wheels, and then order the tires from my local tire shop?

Tirerack has the tires, but they want 200 for the black bullitts, which is a bit more than AM or LRS.

Also, if anyone has some used black bullitts they want to sell me, that would be great. Even better if you are in Denver (never hurts to ask)
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Jan 2, 2010
CJ Pony parts has those stock Ford wheels(8.5") with BFG 255/45/18 instead of the stock BFG 235/50/18 for $1418.95. With Nitto's $1338.95. Don't forget to add $300+ for new tps sensors and bands. If you go wider with oem wheels they start to look like you're riding on donuts and you will have problems with the tires seating. They also carry the American Racing and "Off Brand" look a likes in the wide sizes and package deals.