1. Your piston rings are a **** to work with. Why can't use a normal oil control ring like everyone else?

    Thank you.
  2. Lol. Feel better??
  3. I will feel a lot better when I get the other 5 pistons in. But yes, just needed to vent.

  4. Guess that's why I went with Probe? :shrug:
  5. You just like the name.
  6. I should have bought a set of cast Speedpros off ebay for $200, but one of my college buddies is an engineer for Mahle, and I was trying to be supportive. I did take the time to call him last night and tell him he designed a :poo: piston.


  7. Lemme guess.... he got a "C". :chin

  8. And you just like being on the receiving end of the act. :shrug:
  9. Something like that.
  10. he also likes using the pistons for what their name implies.