1. If anybody is interested in a full dech skirt kit, pm me i have two of them. they 'll be going on ebay soon if none of you guys are interested.
    Hard to find!

    these are not my cars but the kit looks like this>

  2. Just out of curiosity...how did u get two!! Most people cant get one lol :nice:
  3. pm me with how much your askin
  4. i might be interested.. pm me with a price too
  5. PM me with a price on just the rear bumper or the whole kit for one car.

  6. good timing i guess!
  7. PM me on the price for just the rear bumper or the whole kit

  8. Does anybody have a link to where I can but the DECH rear bumper cover.
  9. they are rare & valuable
  10. i'd be interested as well (seeing how I just got it back) pm me a price as well.
  11. I love mine...rare and valuable..um don't think so.
  12. Not being an ass here, but be careful guys. 3 posts and selling "rare and valueable" things.......... fishy to me.
  13. I used see adds for these kits alot in the local "Tri-Ad" classifieds.I think its called "I-Sell" now though.
  14. im sorry but i might be the only one who thinks its FUGLY..not just ugly but ****ing ugly......especially the front bumper!..i would take a stalker kit over that anyday...

  15. ya...but it is illnotch..i thought he has been here quite a while, maybe mostly all in talk i guess...or maybe i just cant get his badass car outta my mind lol
  16. maybe im thinking of that sanja kit??
  17. There is not Stalker kit for a Fox body; it's just a front bumper cover.
  18. I wouldn't change the rear valance on a bet...on the right car I think it works really well. My little girl looks OK in my opinion with it[​IMG]
  19. im sorry manson..i was tlakin bout the front bumper...i just dont space my comments..usually just make them a run on thing..but i was refering to the front bumper cause i was just describing how much i hated that DECH front bumper...
  20. front bumper is not one of my favorites at all.