Dech Mustang pics

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  1. hey...i put up a thread about Dech Mustangs awhile ago to see if anybody had any info on them...not much out there but its all good..anyways u guys wanted some pics of mine #28, so here they are

    engine pics comin soon!

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  2. I've never heard of them, that looks pretty good though. I wonder what the numbers on them are.

    Let me help with these pics


  3. Looks pretty cool. I'm assuming they are a company like Saleen that fixes them up??
  4. thanks guys..ya they're like 87 there was only 30 made i know that for sure so in 88 i dont think it would be too different...its got dech lowering springs, koni shocks, front and rear stabilizers, subframe connectors, a paxton sn-89 supercharger, crane cams interceptor, ford motorsport cam, b&m pro ripper shifter, dynomax super turbo mufflers, shorty headers, custom system with 2 12's in the back in a custom mustang box..etc..too much too list
  5. Very nice ride, never heard of Dech but I like it :nice:
  6. link didnt work but man thats nice. How much was it?
  7. thanks for the link puppydawg...ya dechman has the most informative site around...thanks for all the replies guys..its is a mint car only 16,000 original miles too
  8. I always liked them -- they're Canadian, but no longer in buisness AFAIK - and haven't been for a while.

    I almost bought a 93 Dech Coupe, I drove 6 hours to go see it, but I couldn't get past the price -- wouldn't budge on it and I thought it was too much. If it was a little cheaper, I'd have it now.
  9. very nice, are those all the saleen parts???
  10. Bought my 88 GT with a thrashed DECH bumper and LX style straight stainless exhaust tail pipes, the car looked so damn mean I couldn't help but buy a new Dech cause I just couldn't give up that look, I don't think there is a better looking rear valance on the market..shame you can't get them any more.
  11. Yeah DECH was canadian. they are no longer in business. I have one of theri ground effects kits. they used to also sell suspension components. the ground effects kit moulds were sold to abc exclusive, they are the same pieces, just without the dech moulded into the back.
  12. Hey guys, The Dech Mustangs were incredible! I used to work on a few of my customers Dech Mustangs! They have all seemed to fall off the planet since Dech went out of business. You just wouldn't understand until you've driven a Dech Mustang. They kick ass! And I have some pretty high end Mustang customers, and the Dech Mustangs are my favorite to drive. I need some help! I'm trying to bring back some of the Dech AGS parts. However I can't find any of the old parts or get pictures of them. The rear AGS is quite a nice piece. I could really use some help. Once I get the info I need and check on patents and stuff I'd like to start fabricating the parts again and making them available to the Mustang population.
    Thanks :)
  13. That Stang is very clean, I love the look of LX lights on the GTs. One of the first things I got for mine. Can't stand the GT lights.
  14. Ahhhh yes I remember those DECH Mustangs, they were awesome only seen a few here in Ontario. Nice looking car man
  15. dech's are one of my favs....


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  16. I noticed the black one up top had Ontario plates.....where is that car from.
  17. I bought a set of ASP underdrive pulleys from DECH back in the early 90`s.

    He really knew how to make these 5.0L cars handle.I think he was an engineer by profession.
  18. I had seen the body kits before but didnt realize the did all this, to bad they went out of biz:(
  19. Too bad they'r dead now.
    Looked good, first time I heard of them... and they were Canadians!