Dech Mustang pics

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  1. Yeah Dech Mustangs were what Saleen Mustangs tried to make themselves out to be. Dechs should have lived and Saleens died.

    Kinda like Fram oil filters, shame how marketing can matter more than product quality.
  2. Moving to talk
  3. The dech bumper is one of my favorite addtions to my car....wish they were still around, I'd be a customer guaranteed.
  4. abc still carries the body kit?
  5. looks the same to me. Hate the skirts, front is ok, but the rear is sweet!
  6. yeah... a lil extra fiberglass work to smooth things out on the sideskirts and get them to fit right and it could look killer i think...
  7. Agreed
  8. Does anyone have that pic of that notch with the dech kit???? I forget who had it, I think it might have been roland. That thing was sweet.
  9. someone ask for a dech pic? well just in case you do :D

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  10. i want to have sex with your car, that is all :D
  11. DECH info

    Doing a search to see if any DECHs around. Came across ur post. I don't even drive a Stang...but i can tell u I got my ass kicked by a DECH stang at Mosport's development track. It's your lucky day. I met the owner of DECH. Derek Hanson. Former F1 driver. He no longer makes DECHs but his son teaches a driving school 2-3 times a year at Mosport. DECH stands for Derek E.C. Hanson. it's his name. These things are rockets on the track. I have a coworker who owns one and he's an instructor for BMW, Hanson's school and Ferrari club. If you really want to know the ins and outs of your DECH stang, i'll ask Derek or his son next time i see him at the driving school to see if they mind being contacted. lemme know. [email protected] Do u track it? If not, u really should. Throw on some R compounds and you're ready to kick some ass.:nice:
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  12. I think it is to. But that gtx 7044 is rice:nonono: I like the rear spoiler on the dech.
  13. wow that rear spoiler looks similar to a what they call a (turbo wing-or-spoiler) the turbo wing is slightly taller with a duck tail lip at the end. I forgot who made the spoiler.
  14. the fox DECH is pretty rad, but that sn95 DECH is too lame for me.
  15. I think that kit is hideous short of the rear bumper, but to each his own!