Decided to make some quick kick panels

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  1. since i finally have a week before my next car show, i decided to make some fiberglass kick panels since the ABS ones point the sound to my ankles.I had some old "stock" kick panels so i was able to modify them.
    Made my angle to point the sound upward
    wrapped in fleece
    resin'ed the fleece
    smoothed out a little, gonna be covered in suede later,tweed for now

    now im working on a box for 3 10"s and a 5 channel under plexi.After the car show in a few days, it will come out and the im going to redo the interior in tan suede/vynil
  2. ahh ,i kinda like the zebra look
  3. Man, You cut up your "Zubaz"!

    Seriously, nice work. I need to do the same thing to my kick panels that already have speaker holes in em so they can hold a decent driver.
  4. i bet most don't know that you can use cloth with fiberglass resin, and old pair of blue jeans can make some prety cool parts. any type of fabric that will absorb resin will work even burlap. it will not be as strong as fiberglass but it is interesting makes some prety cool lamp shades.
  5. the blanket cost me $2.88 from Walmart, then i reinforce with some fiberglass mat.
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  6. I love the stripes on the rollbar! good work!
  7. Looking good.
  8. i have to make a headliner for my 35 ford truck .i would like to mount the stereo in it in a over head console with speakers at the rear all molded in
    in a one piece headliner padded and upolstered and i am thinking fiberglass is the way to go .i have a roof light for a newer crown vic. its a nice looking unit that i would like to blend in as well. i have other cabs to form it in so if i get a little messy i will not be messing up my cab .
    i like the lights:nice:
  9. where did you get the wood the the speaker sits in?
  10. i just use MDF from Lowes or Home Depot