Decisions, decisions - which 427 would you use?

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  1. I can only WISH I had this issue - having to choose between a 427 SOHC (the original SOHC motor) and a 427 FE - Shelby motor. Tough choice.
    I received both for Christmas - wish they were the real deal, but these are terrific models, very well detailed.

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  2. the Shelby is nice, but there is no real question there...Cammer all the way; those things are sick
  3. Agreed Mike, and thanks for the quick video - truly sick - who needs a Hemi when you have a Cammer?
  4. ex-fricken-zactly...the Boss '9 is pretty sweet too, but nothing beats a Cammer :hail:
  5. This isn't a question. Cammer. Hands down.
  6. I really need to learn about the old pushrod motors Ford used to make. I had no idea what a cammer was, thank god for Wikipedia lol.