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  1. so i'm ready to start my 93 upgrades and I have some questions>I have a set of gt40 heads off a lighting ,all machine work has been done.I have a f303 cam 1.6 rollers a non egr cobra knock off intake,70mm tb,70 maf,shorty headers 410 rear and t5..I don't think i'm going to use the intake because of no egr and also going to have to use spacer.soo that being said,I was thinking of getting typhoon or track heat and possibly going down to an e cam and maybe spring upgrades on heads especially if I use the f cam...would that be wise to change springs even if I downsize cam to keep in rpm range of track heat or will the f cam and the typhoon be better.I know about the extra work needed with the typhoon cleanup for proper flow.should I use the non egr cobra intake and get the egr trick sensor, should i step up on injector size,just kinda stuck right now because I have all these parts but can't commit?The car is on the street and is stock except for bolt ons,gears ect... any help will be appreciated!
  2. If you are swapping out the f cam buy a custom cam,spring package from Ed Curtis @ FTI. Talk to him about the intake also. If you are stuck on an alphabet cam I'd go e cam if n/a and f if forced induction. I actually have the 70mm setup with a typhoon and e cam but am running slightly ported e7 heads and 3.73 gears with a 5 sp. it's kinda a dog. Only slightly faster than a stock bolt on setup
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  3. will do,thanks
  4. For what it's worth we picked up .2 tenths in et in switching from an f to an e on my street car with the novi 2000
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  5. That's interesting. Everyone claims the f cam is the way to go with a blower and an e isn't.
  6. I have personally seen opposite results. 10.52 with an f cam and 10.35 with the e cam
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  7. e cam here, no times yet though


    Just Ask Bernie
  9. ^^^ you are silly...
  10. Was looking at the Anderson N-41/n-412 probably still have to go with bigger spring but the cams look great,seem to be top notch and should work with cobra intake and my heads. does anybody have any suggestions or input on cams ?
  11. Could you post some specs of the cam you are currently looking at?
  12. anderson n-41 278 in/286 ex at 0.50 222/230 gross lift 512, 110 ls ...I think this is a good choice with the gt40s going to add a alexs parts spring kit good up to 560 lift,maybe a typhoon intake from blue oval or use my cobra intake not sure or and I may rid of both cobra intakes and ditch the f 303
  13. I used the TFS springs (TFS-2500100) on my GT40s.


    If money is no object, have the machine shop remove the stock spring pockets, install new seats and then install a set of LSX beehive springs. I wasnt going to spend $350 on a spring kit for GT40's.

  14. IMO I'd sell all the gt40/f cam/cobra intake stuff and piece together a better topend kit. Like tfs heads,custom roller cam, Holley systeMax for example. More power over any gt40 kit and knock a few lbs off the front of the car. Good for minimum of .2-.5 sec off your 1/4 mile performance depending on tune,etc. over the gt40 stuff
  15. ^^ Agreed
  16. Thats great news for me, I'm gonna add some blow sometime :cheers: