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  1. Look,'s like this:
    Every head maker has some top secret research data to prove their heads will net somewhere around "up to a 50 horsepower gain".
    And that may be true, alot of cases.

    But as I'm sure you know,... the "gain" listed is compared to a stock head,..and the power gains are leveraged w/ supporting mods (i.e. intake, cam, headers) to support the better breathing potential of the head.

    You're already there.

    My point revolves around how much power you'd gain if all you did was take off the 40X's and throw on the aluminum heads. (I was figuring 20 HP) There is a common concensus that each 10 or so HP added nets a tenth on a moderately modified combination, lose 100 lbs, and you'll get another.
    IDK,'ll lose about what?....30lbs in the swap,...and you'll pick up whatever power 20+ HP? (I'm certainly no dyno)
    You might see more than .2,....maybe .3.

    And this new found speed gets you what exactly?

    If you drive this car more on the street than you do at the track, then .3 = So what? ( More tire spin?)
    I'd assume your street racing days are behind you.
    Going faster in a week end warrior bracket racer = that much more inconsistent.
    If you do bracket race, adding any power to a car that you have to make sure you don't go "too fast in" is an oxymoron.

    I'd take a nice shiny car, that I have to make no excuses for appearance wise to "so what" anyday
  2. ^^ completely agree with Mike! Unless you're adding significant amounts of power what's the point?
  3. 331 with iron gt40s swapping to a alum head should pick up a good bit of power. However I would paint it first.
  4. Well, here I go. I'll hide under the table until the stones quite flying. Paint is something that I am pretty picky about. One of the reasons i bought this car with such bad paint is because I was tired of looking at $400 Maaco paint jobs that people thought added $3000 in value to their car. All I could see was a bad paint job that I was having to pay for and then do over. So, I decided I would just paint it how I wanted it, thus, I elected to not buy a painted car already.

    Now, in my mind, I have always viewed the paint as my last project, and one that would be extremely time consuming. I would like to remove all the fenders and paint the under pinning s with some type of sealer or chassis paint. Ideally, this is the way it would get done. I guess my biggest delima is this opportunity has presented itself, and I just don't think it's where I want to go right yet. I'm not ready to tackle that BIG project. So, I'm going to push forward with my HCI swap. But, I must say, I feel much more encouraged to get the paint done here in the next year or two. So, it will follow. Really, there is not much left to change on my car, so it should be nearing the point of "completion" (yeah right).

    I understand everything you say Mike regarding HP and ET. But, I am sporting home ported GT40 irons off an Explorer, that flow maybe 210cfm. Will be going to a head that flowed 280cfm on a flow bench, a better intake, and possibly a custom cam. I pray for another 50 hp, but we will see. I may be back in here eating crow.

    Thanks again guys!

  5. This project is doomed!
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  6. Fixed that for you.
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