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  1. Think we can make it til January without killing each other? Everyone is going to need to save their strength because after January we'll actually have some reliable information to **** about. I am assuming, however, that it will be late next year before we have reliable info on weight and engine mod potential, or do you think that kind of info will be released or leaked sooner rather than later? In the meantime, maybe the Mustang owners can try to tolerate the non-Mustang owners, and the 05 defenders can try to tolerate the 05 detractors. After all, it's the holiday season! :flag:
  2. What do you mean wait till we have reliable info? The car is going to weigh 5793 lbs. have a 3v 4.6 with 123 hp and 12 ft-lbs of torque because Ford wants the slowest and heaviest of all the Mustangs. And mod potential?? There is no mod potential, Ford got together with Microsoft and developed the first ever artificial intelligence computer that will not allow for you to even change the tire pressure because that could mean drag racing. Aftermarket parts are going to be only cosmetic but its ok because the dash changes 1,245 different colors and that equals rice apparently.

    Or, all of this could just be my ramblings and uninitiated speculation and sarcasm....

    Just messing around, trying to make light of all the "fact" that gets thrown around this forum. I agree, lets all stop.
  3. :rlaugh:
    that was great, i cracked up reading that
  4. funniest thing i have read all day
  5. That was great! Really needed some good sarcasm today. Happy Holidays to all!!
  6. Aren't the going to show the production model at the show at the beginning of January? We should have most, if not all of the info on it then.
  7. You'll have to see moded cars the first year. Why, what Steeda, Roush,Saleen? They'll have to have blower cars to sell something. Nobodys going to buy their cars with just boltons. Thats why I believe you'll see alot more than most people expect. :D