deep forest green and rims

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  1. im trying to find what rims look good on my deep forest green vert.... any picture help would b awsome
  2. With the 17" '03 Cobra's
    With the 18" Saleens
  3. I'd defintely go with a chrome wheel for that dark color...or at least something like that Hypercoat that American Muscle has with the polished lip.
  4. DSC00248.jpg

    i really need to get some new pictures this summer
  5. wow that is gorgeous looking mwall
  6. what did the boyds run ya should i go all chrome or get a diff color in center if i find something else?
  7. I got them from Discount Tire Direct when they first came out....Nitto Extreme 555 tires, mounted, balanced, shipped to my front door for $1800. The rims run about 350 each.

    They do have a "cosmic" centered edition....its kinda an anthricite color. I've never been a fan of dark rims so I vote for the polished.
  8. polished. Car's too dark for a dark color, IMHO.
  9. thanks guys keep them comming :) chrome seems to look alot nicer...
  10. My turn! :rolleyes:

    Steeda Ultra lite II



    Good luck finding them they don't make these anymore.:D but that sucks cause I need two :(:nonono:
  11. Prostars



    04 GT wheels

    17" chrome fr500's which I think I want to go with 18's

  12. Polished cobra r's


  13. Some gorgeous DFG's here :drool:
    Here's my old 'vert, same wheels as Inphiniti

  14. my vert twin! :rlaugh::nice: ur car still made me wish mine was a vert... thanks alot! :notnice: lol jk