Deep vibrating sound coming from back of car while decelerating at high speeds.


Feb 10, 2021
I own a 1986 GT and I have noticed that when driving on the freeway going 70 mph or higher, after I release the gas pedal to slow down a bit I hear a deep vibration noise coming from the back right wheel area. It sounds like something is whining but it is a very deep tone. The car leaks brake fluid slightly as well (which I am trying to get fixed) so I was assuming it was a caliper getting stuck to the brake fluid but it only happens at high speeds and I don't feel and kind of right steering on the car when it is happening. That same wheel has had other problems. When going very slow and hitting the brakes I will hear a slight thumping or a rubbing sound back there. The previous owner switched the stock brakes for cobra brakes right before I bought it. I feel like he may have installed something wrong. I wish I could describe the sound a little better but I don't really know how. I don't know much about cars, as you can probably tell, but I am trying to learn. Has anybody else heard of or had this problem? Is there anything I should check?
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Jun 28, 2020
Memphis TN
probably not brake fluid you're seeing but rear end oil as the axle bearing is bad...and allowing the seal to leak....and make the noise you hear. Get an offset replacement axle bearing or an axle and a standard bearing....Ford cheaped out and there's no inner bearing race. Could be the rearend if the noise is only on decel, but I bet if you listen closer its happening all the time.

Potomus Pete

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Mar 7, 2019
Sarasota Florida
Good call Rick..I dont think you should be driving too much until you top it off. I had that happen on an old 150, and the rear end blew.