Default 67 Fastback: First Time Buyer. Where Do I Start?

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  1. Hi guys,

    Ever since I was a kid, and before I have ever seen Gone in sixty seconds, I dreamed of having a 1967 Mustang Fastback. Not the Eleanor version, but a classic in raven black with the deluxe brushed aluminium interior. Originally, this was the sole reason I started my business in the first place.

    I was born and raised in Belgium, Europe, and live part-time in Oslo, Norway. As Europeans aren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to these cars, I would prefer taking my time to purchase one in the US and export it.

    Only thing is, I have zero experience with working on cars. Is a mechanic-course (night classes) a good start? I’m a quick learner and I’ve been told these cars are pretty straightforward to deal with mechanically. I want to be able to do basic maintenance and be able to get the car running again if it ever leaves me stranded on the side of the road. Major repairs can be done by a local, very affordable Ford dealer who has two Mustangs himself.

    I am looking for a restored car in great condition, with a C or A-code engine. Car has to be raven black with black interior and the deluxe interior.
    I am not looking for a matching-numbers car, but I don’t want a college beater either. It should be a (near) original car, on which I want to put only a few reversible upgrades (handling/fuel economy). I want the car to retain its value, if this makes sense to you. This car will be driven regularly but not daily.

    Where do I find such a car?

    Any recommendations? I am expecting a $30-35k price tag, is this reasonable or over the top? What Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel more confident buying from a reputable dealer than from a private individual- even though I realise this comes at a premium. Is any good? Any others?

    Oh, and any Norwegians on here?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Hello Michael ,and welcome to Stang net. Finding and original restored 67 in black with deluxe interior is not going to be easy ,finding any 67 fast back is not going to be easy .Going through a dealer is going to cost you $$. Barrett Jackson may be a good place to look but i noticed the last one ,the prices were going up. Ebay is probably going to be your best bet, but have an out inspection done of any car you intend to bid on. For a Mustang like what you are looking for, Expect 35k or more and the prices seem to be rising .Good luck and i hope you find your dream car . Jim
  3. Thanks for the tip on Barrett Jackson, seems great.

    Are there any known reputable US dealers who primarily sell mustangs? Has been asked before, but is the general opinion/experience with MyRod?
  4. I have never dealt with any dealers ,it just stands to reason that they will be asking top dollar and auction prices just depend on who wants to bid ,and how much they want to bid.

    A friend of mine takes mechanic classes at one of the local colleges as a night course ,he wasn't much of a mechanic before .Now he can do just about anything .
    Mustangs are one of the simplest you could work on , and one of the most fun.
    You may have to find a car that has the mechanical part done and do the paint and interior the way you want it ,there are a lot of cars that were started and never finished ,but as i said have it inspected by an outside source before you put the money down.
  5. You can check auto traders classic also. If you find something that route you may ask seller to go thru ebay to ensure transaction is guaranteed.

    Mustangs are Easy to work on. I Did very little work on cars prior to that. Been doing it for about 10 years now. I've done about everything that can be done except paint. Now I pretty much only farm out things that will take me too long to learn and really don't care to like rebuilding a tranny. Get some shop manuals and subscribe to forums and do a Lot of searching. It pretty rare I can't find something to help out. To me the fun part is the learning. Can't get stressed from problems with the cars. Just time and money.
  6. i find that mechanics and body work to be very easy. i can do anything on a car. anywhere from body and paint work to tearing a transmission apart and putting it back together. i think a night class would be very beneficial to you.
  7. you can figure everything out on forums and youtube. I bought a junkyard mustang when i was 14 and did not ANYTHING about cars, but i wanted to build one. i literally bought a kids book called "how cars work" before i started. Im now 17 with a beautiful weekend cruiser that has received awards at shows. I did everything myself except for rebuilding the tranny and the final block sanding and paint. I would just make sure you find something that does not need any mechanical work and has a solid body, that is what can get ya.
  8. Actually the 80's 5.0 HO or 302 as it's also commonly known is a good thing. It will have much more torque and horsepower, as well as hardened valve seats which are much better for today's unleaded fuel than 60's vintage engines. It also has electronic ignition. Again, a massive improvement over 60's point ignition tech. These cars are very highly sought after. I'm afraid you will find it very difficult to find a car that will meet your quality demands, feature wishes, and budget. Unfortunately a $35,000 67 Mustang Fastback will require some restoration to make it more than driver quality. That's just the market. I do wish you good luck with your search.
  9. Correct, after some initial research I'm looking at $40-45k.

    Nice to see how yesterday's $35k car (5 years ago) is 40-45k today. Definitely won't be waiting much longer anymore.