Defective flywheel

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  1. I bought a flywheel back last year when I did my swap, decided while I had everything apart I might as well change the clutch and flywheel. Funds were limited after having to buy a new engine and all the other misc. parts I needed so I tried cutting corners as best as I could.

    I found this company on ebay selling flywheels pretty cheap they had a good reputation so I decied to try them out, I emailed the company and spoke to someone to make sure I was getting the right flywheel since I was using my t45 with a 2002 block and he assured me they had the one I needed, they had a 6 bolt flywheel that accepted 10.5" or 11" clutches. I decided I would go with a cheaper flywheel and buy a king cobra clutch along with it.

    Ever since the swap I had this annoying vibration at 3,000 rpms in all gears so I started posting around on different forums for help to figure out what the issue was, the car being a daily driver didn't help so I could only try major things on weekends. After months and months of replacing different parts and trying different things I traced the vibration down to the flywheel, here I forgot to add the dowel pins in to align the pressure plate with the flywheel so no big deal I'll go buy the dowel pins throw them in and that should take care of it right? I picked up the dowel pins and pulled the tranny, went to add the dowel pins and they wouldn't fit, the holes didn't line up. I rotated the flywheel thinking it had to be bolted up a specific way and nothing. I emailed the company and their attitude was pretty much not our problem. They claimed that the flywheel was for 11" clutches although they had no explanation why there were holes for the 10.5" clutches and why the alignment dowels wouldn't line up. I just wanted to give a warning to everyone about this company and when it comes to parts like this you actually DO get what you pay for. I've since replaced the flywheel with a ford racing along with the dowel pins and the vibration is completely gone. The company's ebay seller ID is gripforce-clutches here's a direct link, my advice is to stay away from them.

    alignment holes

    Sorry for the long rant.