DEJA VU - My old Mustang has been re-incarnated

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  1. The Deceiver has risen from it's unknown fate! I built this car back in the mid 1980's, shelby fiberglass, healthy 302, suspension mods, custom interior and trunk, way ahead of it's time. It was sold to buy a first house in 1990, and I have not seen it since...




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  2. Well, Sunday was the Car show to celebrate the conclusion of the shelby exhibit at the AACA Museum I had helped put together, and lo and behold, look what was on the show field! I checked the serial number, not the car! And this one had less modifications, a stock interior. But, same colors and top, it was pretty spooky!


  3. It's a sign! You're supposed to get yourself a steel-bodied Mustang again!
  4. I like the way mongo's thinking!

    Hey Dan, I heard ("somewhere") that DCVR had been 'christened' :puke: by one of your friends..... has this other car had that "upgrade"????? :lol:
  5. Is it me (too much homebrew?) or is the "DCVER" license plate in the third photo backwards???:scratch:
  6. Might explain why it is right hand drive.:D
  7. Australian version?:rolleyes:
  8. Ahh! I thought it was just you being sdrawkcab ssa!:rlaugh:
  9. That's pronounced "ss-draw-k-k-cab sssssssssaaa"; right?
  10. Its an Omen to get you back into a regular size car and out of that 2 seated roller skate....:rlaugh: