Delays, delays, delays...!!!

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  1. Try to make a long story most know, several years ago I had a very serious bout with cancer. During a routine follow up scan in May the doc found an abnormality, more scans confirmed it and last Friday I had a laproscopic biopsy of a small ("plum" sized) mass in my abdomen, which confirmed the recurrence of my cancer. We've caught it early, and I should do well with treatment but...............

    BECAUSE of the damned surgery I cannot do any "heavy lifting" for awhile, which is putting a serious damper on my working on "sally"!!!:mad::mad::mad:
  2. Aw man reading that I thought it was gunna be bad! No work on your baby sure isn't fun, but just relax and take some time off, heck, you have to anyway!

    P.S: Get well soon!
  3. Thank You.
    We're trying to avoid a repeat of this...:
  4. My dad lost his voice box to cancer, had a tracheotomy, has a stoma to breathe through permanently now.
  5. That sucks man. It really does. My mother had a serious bout with cancer too, lucky she kicked it's @$$. I'm so afraid it might come back.
    I had a scare today myself. I'll save the details, but I had to see the doc today. He's 90% it's not what I think it is-so he told me to relax a bit, but we'll see.
    I just broke a 2 month long plateau in weightlifting too. :notnice:

    good luck BBFM.
  6. I hope you get better soon BFCM. If there is anything i can do for ya just let me know. BTW I did get the CD of picts (which there turnedout to be tons more than i expected). If you want or need any of them posted or hosted just PM me! Thanks again!

  7. Sally will keep, keep focused on your health. I wish you good spirits and a quick recovery. And when you're back at full again, TOGA PARTY IN THE GUTTER! :banana:
  8. I have a GREAT idea: Get healthy!

    Look I don't care what anyone says, your mustang will be fine, but we can't restore you if you died. So you concentrate on getting healthy.

    My grandfather kicked the ass of prostate concer a few years back, I saw him go through it and I know it is rough. But I have confidence that anyone with the will to beat it, can.
  9. I don't know how old you are, but here's to your good health! To anyone who is older, get a check up. I didn't see a doctor for over 20 years. I went to get a complete check up this year. The blood tests, prostate thingy, the butt "roto router job", eyes, etc. It was scary for a moment when they found 5 pollups, but luckily they're not the bad ones, but I do have to go back next year for a recheck. I've really changed my diet to cut out most of the bad stuff (darn I miss those chilli cheese fries). Anyway, get better soon!
  10. So you have to look at Sally sitting there not being finished; big deal!
    (I know you know that's facetious kidding when it comes from me)

    You know "The Big Guy Upstairs" has a plan for everything - even if it makes no sense to mere mortals and Closet Crew Members. Just keep remembering that you will get her done when you come out on the other side of this. I seem to remember that, just before you were released to active duty, you had to attend a funeral for another FF; and that you could have been working that scene instead of still on LOA. We wouldn't be having this conversation if that were the case..... Same holds true here. Couple years down the road, you could be taking Sally to the paint shop when somebody else wraps a classic Stang (Camaro, 'Cuda, whatever) around a bridge abutment in order to avoid a kid darting into the street. Like I said, it could happen and we won't have a clue why.

    Keep the faith, brother.

  11. Thank you one and all!

    I know sally will keep.....and next week, once the surgeon clears me, I can start working on the "lighter" aspects of her restoration (she is as much therapy for me as the chemo). I am VERY fortunate.

    BTW.....I think we may need to hire someone full-time to clean the gutter on a regular basis.....once I start chemo I will be shedding BIG time..........
    Guess you'll have to start calling me BIG BLUE BALD CLOSET MONSTER or BBBCM :shrug:
  12. Ugh, sorry to hear that man. :(

    I know the mustang is a very minor thing compared to your health, but I also know what you mean when you say "she is as much therapy for me as the chemo". It's important to have mental and emotional therapy to go with it, and it is even more disheartening when it's the health therapy keeping you from it. Hang in there, and use the down time to make big plans for when you can get back to it. :nice:

  13. Well, we'll work that out..... But, in the meantime, no shedding in the Jacuzzi! You know how much trouble I have keeping that filter clean! :bang:

    Still Dreamin'
  14. :p

    It's my fuzz......I'll shed it where I want!
  15. I am so very sorry to hear that it came back. I just found out about 3 weeks ago that my Mother has cancer in her lung, adrenal glands, liver and more than likely has it in her brain and bones. The Dr.s say that without treatment, she would only survive for 2 months. With treatment, she woudl survive for one (miserable) year. She has chosen to fight it naturally with Diet, excercise, and holistic(SP) medicines.

    She and my Dad are in San Diego at the Optimum Health Institute for 2 weeks learning how to fight this thing. I sure hope it works or else I just lost 2 more weeks of time with her.

    Consequently, I stop smoking on Sunday the 20th.

  16. Don't think of it as losing 2 weeks with her. Think of it as a chance at more time with her. I'll pray for your mom, I know that's a hard one to deal with.

    A guy I graduated with, has a sister who has had to fight leukemia. She's doing fine now and she wrote a short book that the grease joint she works at sells and the proceeds go to leukemia research. But at the time she was 12-14 and no kid deserves to deal with that and no son deserves to lose his mom to that crap. For that matter, no one deserves to deal with it.

    Just think though, 20 years ago, my friend's sister, your mom and 65 stanger wouldn't have had much of any chance. Maybe soon we can find a way to beat this once and for all.

    I say this as a person with an extremely high risk for prostate cancer (deep family history.) I'm 20 and I just started to get yearly check-ups for it.
  17. Best wishes with you. Doctors are amazing these days. Your Stang will still be there when you're 100% and ready to rock. And you can always come on here and talk stangs for your daily fix.
  18. Sorry to hear about your mother, but here's hoping for the best for you too. BTW, why the 20th, today is as good a day as any to stop. I stopped smoking the day that Sammy Davis Jr. passed. Everything went in the trash and never lit one up since then, and that was May 15, 1990, at 3 packs a day!
  19. That really stinks. I'm hoping for the best for you.

    My grandmother has cancer and always does those charity walks. And my best friend had cancer and does the walks in Sedalia. I think the next time they have one, I'll go with her and walk on behalf of my grandmother, best friend, & you. :nice:

  20. Thanks Chelle.......If you receive a BIG box from me, it's just my seats needing reupholstering! :D :nice: