delete smog pump bought 84.5 belt and won't fit

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  1. I deleted my smog pump and bought 84.5 serpentine belt, but it doesn't fit. The belt is to long, unless somehow I am putting it on wrong. How does the belt go on now. Does the alternator pass the belt straight to the crank or do I pass it underneath the fan pulley first. I have tried both ways and it doesn't fit. Now I don't know what to do. any help would be great.
  2. sorry its on a 93 gt. and I thought you didn't have to buy one of those dummy pullies to take the smog pumps place unless you were going supercharged. I am na. any help soon would be great.

    also what route does the new belt go on to the pullies. I can't seem to find how it will go.
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    I used a 835K6 belt. It just about tops out the tensioner, I had to put it on all the pulleys first, then slip it under the tensioner pulley.
  4. Someone has drawings they can post - otherwise it's hard to describe. If your car has P/S and A/C, but no smog pump, something in the 83"-84.5" range should work depending on whether or not you have stock pullies, underdrives, etc. I just bought 3 belts -- 83", 83.5", 84" -- or something like that. I used the one that fit and took the other two back. Each car is a little different - no one's gonna be able to tell you exactly what length to use on yours - you're gonna have to figure it out for yourself.

    Mine is routed from the alternator, down to the bottom of the crank pulley, around the crank pulley to the other side of the water pump (it will hit the water pump pulley at about 8 o'clock, and the back/smooth side of the belt drives the water pump pulley), off the water pump pulley at about 2 o'clock and down to the power steering pump, up to the a/c compressor, under the tensioner and back to the alternator.
  5. larrendeuce,
    wow, thanks a lot for the detailed info. that should help out a lot.
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    thanks for the great info as well.