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  1. Some backstory....pulled my full Flowmaster kit off a car I wrecked and bent the firewall. When I did that, the control arm kicked back and dented one of the 4 cats on the CA legal kit. I cut the cat off to remove the exhaust which is going on a new car. I plan to cut off the cat and just run the two down by the X-pipe (probably get rid of those later too). So when talking removing the smog stuff, everyone mentioned a smog pump delete pulley, etc....what's to stop me from running a shorter belt and no cats? The valve up on the passenger side is one way so it won't leak, am I missing something here? Why spend the money on the pump delete?
  2. Leave it where it is. It costs you no power and removing it has been known to give the computer fits on some cars. No need to remove a working smog set up. Replace the broken parts and don't drive around in a stinking car.
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  3. Nothing really broken except that dented cat I was going to take out. Figured if I'm pulling the cats might as well pull the pump. I'm not worried about the stinking car, I'm in California, we have enough laws about that...One guy breaking them is not the end of the world.
  4. And what do you plan on doing coming smog testing time? And did you read the rest of my post? Some guys get away with removing the smog stuff fine....others end up creating a slew of problems.

    You may be creating a headache for yourself (pun intended) for nothing?
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  5. I have "connections" when it comes to SMOG passing for lack of a better term. The car probably won't pass anyway so I figure I might as well pull the clutter off.

    For what it's worth, I'm not trying trying to start an argument I'm just asking if I'm missing something as to why people buy the delete pulley when they can just run a short belt.

    Worst comes to absolute worst, I have it registered in another state and call it a day.
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  6. I deleted the pre-cats (front two) and replaced the aft cats w high flows. I passed the sniffer. Don't dick w the smog pump.
  7. By bypassing the smog pump with a working set of cats you will accomplish nothing except throw off codes, have worse performance, and eventually clog up your cats.

    That being said, I live in FL and have removed the cats, smog pump, EGR on all of my Fox body mustangs. This requires either a resistor for the EGR or a tune.
  8. Delete pulley is really for guys who run supercharger kits that require the OEM belt routing.

    No supercharger, or needs to keep OEM belt routing? then short belt is the way to go.

    That should answer your question.
  9. In any case, you're gonna throw codes (44 & 94 in particular) when you do it.
  10. Can you expand on this? My car came without cats and has a hacked up emissions system. In 4 months, I no longer need emissions testing, so it seems easier to remove it all than replace it all. Is there a way to block off the air ports on the back of the heads?
  11. And those 2 codes are pretty harmless in the big scope of things
  12. First do not do it, but if you must, keep it easy to undo for you or the next owner. Save all parts and remove them instead of hacking them off. Collecting everything to restore it to stock is a pain and expensive if it has to be done piece by piece.

    The ports in the heads should be blocked in the back with big bolts and fender washers. They sell plugs, but they are nearly impossible to get back out while the heads are in the car. No one will notice the difference between the bolt and a plug back there until they want to fix it.
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  13. Yank the smog pump. It's worthless, and is so poorly designed it is bound to seize at any moment. The only think that I have to add is the routing. I'm pretty sure you have to route the belt around the crank and the water pump the opposite way when you delete the smog pump.

  14. You can go on Ebay and buy an EGR bypass resistor for about $20. It plugs right into the EGR electrical connector and will stop the CEL
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