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  1. I was wondering what a densecharge is?how much are they?I have a 2000 stang, Is 220hp possiable with a 99+ stang?what mods would need to be done to acheive that? srry bout all the questions
  2. go to their website, and find out.

    get an ASP underdrive pulley, new belt to match, a densecharger (i have heard they don't fit great though) or so such cold air kit, and dual exhaust and you should come out close to 210+ crank hp.
  3. i have the meter forward densecharger for sale. PM me if your interested. ill give it to you for real cheap.
  4. i'm kinda new to this how do i pm you? i think i did but not sure :shrug:
  5. i got it. :)