Fox Dent In Roof.

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  1. Hello guys and gals.

    Someone thought that my car would be their target practice and left a nasty dent in my roof. I wish they would of miss or at least hit somewhere else. Do you guys and gals think that it will be a costly repair? Or would any of you try to fix it yourself if you were in my situation. Thank you in advance.

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  2. To fix it and repaint the roof and re do the stripes i would count on 400.00 to 500.00
  3. At least. What i did for basic stuff like this is found a guy that advertises on my local craiglist. Does great work at a great price. Had front and rear bumper covers redone for $350 including the quart of paint and some minor urethane repair. I'd hunt out someone thats got experience and hire him on the side to help you out. Win win in my book. You get fixed up, he gets cash money
  4. lol id be weary of craigslist paint and body guys, lol i get alot of their **** ups come to me
  5. Im more wary of the guys that call themselves body men yet work for someone else for peanuts
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  6. Thanks for the input guys. I figured it would be around that much, just wanted to be sure. I could live if they don't paint it or re-stripe it. I was thinking of getting the whole car painted when tax season arrives. I know I can wait for the dent during that time as well, but just looking at it, really bothers me.