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  1. yeah i think i made it clear when i said "ohh noes your an idiot..." j/k man

    so it's cus we're all idiots that we don't have such privlages?

    btw they talk about doin illegal stuff like robbing places and runnin from the cops in the other forums also...

    all this doesn't matter to me that much and i don't intend to pester anyone just ranting...
  2. I think the problem lies in that first time Mustang owners are usually young and broke. Therefor they tend to buy V6's for the associated costs and insurance woes. Being that, younguns, they don't always follow the rules, know what their cars are all about, what they can do, and are always testing the limits of authority and generally accepted rules of society. Didn't we all do that when we were young?
  3. About street racing...I have always been against the rule here against it. Close your eyes...cover your eyes and humm...still not going to stop it....nor will allowing here going to make it worse. It is not like..."I have to get me a kill to brag to my online friends at stangnet"...

    But as I always say...I don't pay the bills...but I do click on the ads to show some in a way, am I?

    About pictures...the only pictures I think that should show women(heh, I know some of you guys want to see men, good for you, but not here) should be with a Mustang in the picture...and I don't mean Mustangs as in an animal farm...
  4. you sure thats not your mom??

    BTW :lock:
  6. eh they're just okay.

    but the mom one is funny. that woman must be like 50 spread eagle in the drivers side seat of her mustang...trying to be sexy.... :puke:
  7. Anyways, I'm sure the mods will be happy when they see'em. :)
  8. I'm surprised this thread isn't locked yet
  9. Yeah, I was happy for I have not banned anyone in a while for doing something stupid. Well, guess what, "Grinning and bringing the ol' Ban O meter out to play"!

    See ya Naked Stang, have fun on the Honda boards!

  10. Go LsRedy2kstang :nice:
  11. yeah you can't post the nekkidz anywhere on stangnet n00b! :nonono:

  12. lol, nice :banana:
  13. yay! Thats fun.. .the ban o matic!
  14. Yah, you like it when I talk about the ban o meter Huh? :D
  15. and you guys wonder...............
  16. BTW Nude stang has the same IP as Chrisyellowv6

    he has been banned for the short term
  17. I had a feeling it was a regular who made up a name just to post the pics
  18. Imagine that, i guess he did not think that we could track IP's that is a good one their Sleeper!

  19. LMFAO. Thats sooo hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Guess he's gonna troll over on Mustang World :nonono: