Design And Development Of The Coyote And Boss Engines

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  1. I found a couple of links detailing the design and development of the Coyote and Boss 302 engines. I just wanted to share the links for anyone interested. I appologize if this is a repost for this forum, but I found it very interesting.

    I am a complete IC engine nerd, so seeing the design decision from many of the engineers that worked on the project is fascinating. Amoung the interesting points, I understand better now why OEMs like plastic intake manifolds. Beyond the obvious low cost and heat transfer benefits, they are molded perfectly smooth inside, as compared to cast aluminum which is going to have a rough surface finish to start with. It is also great to see the similarities and differences between the 4.6/5.4 based modulars and the coyote.
    The article on the boss engine makes me want to pony up the difference for the roadster build though!
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  2. OT, but your avatar REALLY makes me wana break down and get started on a Factory Five roadster...(even if I'd need to re-fi my house to do it)...I've been fantasying about and orange and black Factory Five with a Boss 302, new or old, for a LONG time now
  3. Those articles are so cool. As an aspiring mechanical engineer graduating in 4ish months, I can only hope that I obtain that amount of knowledge throughout my career.

    I also feel ya on the Boss engine. I've always said I'm going to get an 03 Terminator when I finish school and save up a little money. But the more I think about it, the more I just want to wait and get a Boss 302. Such awesome, nice cars.
  4. mransr: For a toy, it really isn't too expensive building an FFR. I know a lot of people here have way more invested in their stang than that.

    Sneaky: I think most people don't care about these articles, but it's like a mechanical engineer's wet dream. haha Congrats on nearly being done with your degree. I just finished my MS in ME over the summer.

    I agree, I like the Boss 302. It always bothers me that dealers ask for over sticker price the specialty models though. :rolleyes: I just have no interest in paying a portion to dealer profit. Alas, I'll wring out every mile from my old GT that I can.