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  1. Hey guys im about to purchase a cobra wing,rear bumper and a deck lid how good of a quality is design concepts , I know its not cervinis quality but its a bit pricey. what do u think guys naw or hay..
  2. Do you mean classic design concepts? I dont think they make that stuff, so you are probably talking about something else not sure though. They are a good company though.
  3. they are a good company to deal with.i bought a cobra R hood and bumper cover,they both went on without any problems.
    i will do business again with design concept.
  4. i have heard good things about design concepts. they do have finshed underside which is important but my friends hood we beleive is from there (they are the only ones we can find that make the design) and it doesnt have a finished underside..maybe its just a year or too old and they never used to do that and he has lieka 1/4inch gap on the left and right sides of hood which doesnt tlook that bad but ive heard people say it is..but overall ive heard many more positive things than bad by far.
  5. but what u may want to consider is that i believe cervinis..lets say hoods.... are 379 for most and i think DC is 299. thats 79 difference. now, ive talked to some people and seen posts on here that say DC shipping was more money than cervinis, like 20-30 more. which is something to think about . this makes the difference in price only about 40-50 which may be worth it for the quaity difference in your eyes.
  6. my hood was 319. with shipping and handling hood also has a finished underlined.
  7. I've heard a lot about DC and Cervini's being the same company. They have a lot in common.... same products, very similar part #s, very close in proximity, DC being mail order only, It even looks like the same cars are used in some of their ads. One guy had a Cervinis hood, a friend ordered the same DC one, and the DC one came with a sanded down place exactly where Cervinis puts their logo. Plus MM&FF mixed up their addresses once!

    Just some info to think about.
  8. I got a DC hood 3" and think it was great I paid 250 for the hood and 75 beans for the truck freight.
  9. how was fitment? liek any space on left and right side? since im close to where cervinis is and they have a trailer at englishtown during swap meet ill prolly end up going with them. b/c they have liek 75 off (show special) and there no u get a cervinis hood for liek 300. if that doesnt work out and i have no way to get it home..ill be going to DC.
  10. Heres a design concepts hood. Perfect quality great fit. :nice:

  11. yeah I liked the quality and fit on mine, take in mind the vents aren't cut out like a cervini's piece (screened vents pre-cut). And the underside isn't finish. Only downside I ever heard from a cervinis piece is they weigh more than other hoods and their expensive. I just drove to cervinis last week to pick up a cobra rear bumper and I can tell you that trip is nothing easy, was 2 1/2 hours of driving each way for me. I didn't want to spend another 75 bux on truck freight so i went to the company direct. as far as I know dc doesn't let you pick up merchendise (I asked when ordering my hood)
  12. How long ago did you get your DC hood? The underside of mine is finished.
  13. think it depends on models too some are finished some aren't, about 4 months ago not oo long ago.
  14. anyone have a website address for design concepts?

    Never mind I found it..

    I wanted to order a new hood from cervinis but DC has the same one for $80 cheaper. As far as you guys that have gotten hoods from DC they ARE JUST AS GOOD AS Cervinis???????? Correct? Im willing to pay $80 if the quality is better but if there the same then theres no point.
  15. Oh, ok that makes sense. :nice:

    Striped5.0 go ahead and get the design concepts hood. Spend the $80 on something else.
  16. [​IMG]

    My design concepts wing