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  1. Is it more desirable to have a mustang with less options than more? I have an 87 with only A/C as an option, otherwise it's bare bones heater and keys. Also, it's completely stock down to the original spark plug wires that say 1987, will this also increase the value? Just turned 34000 miles on it.
  2. I've found that exterior and interior color raise/lower the value of these cars more than anything else.
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  3. Gotcha, mine is pretty standard black on gray, probably very high production colors?
  4. I mean don't get me wrong. On paper these cars are all worth the same. People go out of their way for a black on black car.
  5. Did the 87 have that option, my car is all black, but I don't recall that being an interior option?
  6. no. Black interior was not available from 85-89

    WHat will make the car valuable is the overall condition of the car vs what it has. Someone looking for a clean, low mileage fox isn't going to nitpick, or pass it over because it does, or doesn't have certain option.

    Basically low miles, clean, 5-spd, not red interior...and it will be desirable.
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  7. I'd say its worth $8000 if its really clean no accidents paint work etc.
  8. I paid a little more due to the condition and low mileage and documented owners (I'm the 3rd) 1 and 2nd were mother and son. Condition wise, the interior is a 9.5, outside a solid 8.5 (I'm kind of picky, so I'm giving it a little lower than some might). Car is bone stock.
  9. I think maybe more, I have all documentation from the original bill of sale to all service records
  10. at the end of the day it's only worth what someone will pay for it. Personally I wouldn't pay more than 7500-8k for a Fox unless it was a saleen or cobra. Have I seen an lx/gt sell for more? Yes, but not often. Foxes are horrible investments if you are looking for a cash vehicle.
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  11. I was on my local Craigslist looking for a parts fox and was surprised at what they are asking. Abused cars $3500-6500. Ok cars in the $6500-8500 and then some well over $10,000 asking price. Makes me think about listing it for stupid money!
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  12. Yah I hear you, didn't buy it for investment purposes, just was curios on desirability of certain cars. Bought it with the intention of driving and enjoying it. Hard to have a car appreciate in value when they made so many
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  13. Wouldn't be a bad idea, there are no shortage of peeps who want a decent fox
  14. Its all about what someone will pay for it. It might be worth 10k but your probably not going to get it. My buddy bought a 88 lx all orignal with 37k miles for $5400. Was that a great deal? Yes, but the deals are out there.
  15. Not very many foxes from 79-93 seem to be desireable collector cars (with the exception of the SVO Mustangs and the Cobras.)
  16. Gotta remember, Inflation is going to push the "value" of these cars up as the years go on as well. We will see $10K average fox bodies again, but it will probably be because a new Mustang GT is a $50K car. Oh almost it.
  17. I sold my '89 SSC for 21k last year;)
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  18. My point. That's a one year production vehicle just like the 93 cobra. Those cars will only become more collectible.
  19. Maybe I will do a cobra next, we'll see. Might buy a new mustang and call it a day