Desk Top Dyno?

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  1. Just killing some time today in NY, waiting impatiently for my upcoming trip back to Colorado to finish the engine in my 69.
    The engine is a .030 over 351W, with flat top fly cut pistons.
    I was wondering if anybody either had a used copy of the software to sell for cheap, or, if anybody would run my numbers, and see what I might be able to look for with my new engine?
    This cam,
    These heads
    Manual T5 trans
    3.89 rear gear.
    245/50/16 tires
  2. ok desktop dyno says, assuming a dual plane intake and a 700cfm carb;

    409hp @ 5500 rpm
    444tq @ 4000 rpm

    drag2000 says;

    12.21 @116.5mph
    0-60 4.37
    0-100 8.74

    the drag 2000 numbers assume an aggressive driving style. your number may vary a bit.
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  3. I thank you very much! It is a Weiand Stealth intake, and a 670 Holley. I am not so concerned about getting the car to the race track, although that is in the plan.
    After all these years, I just wanted some reassurance that I'm not going be disappointed with the engine. I think it should be a good bit of fun around town, and with the overdrive, get some decent mileage on the highway.
    Again, thank you!
  4. i dont think you will be disappointed, in fact i think you will be quite happy. the torque curve is fairly flat up to about 5000rpm, though it does drop off after that kind of quickly, but it is a solid street engine that will do well at the track.
  5. After as long as I have waited to get the car painted, get the engine built, and swap the transmission, I will just be glad to drive it again! I have had this car since 1986, and I am now 49 years old. Those numbers will be perfect for my plans!

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