Desperate Over Heating Probs

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by richy28510, Jul 17, 2013.

    1. My car is having over heating probs. It only happens while driving it can sit and idle all day long. New water pump and tstat. Flushed radiator and hea
      ter coil. Replaced radiator cap. And new temp sensor. Burped it 3 times to get air out. Top hose is hot bottom was much cooler. Could it be a collasping bottom hose. Noticed the coolant tank was jumping a little when it pulled water out.. any help ..heater stops bl8wing hot air once this uappens. If that helps any.
  1. Have you checked to see if the cooling fan is kicking on? Mine died a couple weeks ago. The electric motor starting dragging and it blew the fuse. May want to check on that.
  2. Fan working properly.
  3. Problem before or after the water pump and t-stat change?
  4. It would help if you mentioned the model year of your Mustang. There are slight differences in how the fans are wired between the MY's.

    Did you confirm that the fan works on BOTH speeds? How do the fan bearings feel?

    Does the motor actually overheat?

    But in my experience when the heater suddenly stops putting out, this means there is air in the coolant. Since the SOHC motor is generally self purging, after several hot/cold cycles if there's still air in the coolant, it's coming from somewhere. The usual somewhere for the SOHC is a head gasket leak.

    There are kits to test the coolant for combustion byproducts in the anti-freeze. Consider performing a coolant system pressure test.

    As for other things to check, look for a clogged exhaust. The usual cause is rotten cats.