Desperatly Need Help Please ! 347 Stroker Fuel Problem

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  1. new to this whole thing so go easy on my please, ive tried everything I know to do , I have 89 notchback with a 347 stroker ,afr heads,victor intake , big ass cam, 36lb injectors ,255lph in tank fuel pump ,75mm throttle body ,76 mm between tb and maf , and believe my maf is 80 mm and ,all I know is the maf supposed to be the correct one for 36lb injectors. there is nothing stock on this motor I have the fuel pressure regulator sitting at about 40 psi ...PROBLEM---- I am running too rich the fumes are unbearable even at idle not really a lot of smoke alittle when I punch it , I have a Anderson for motorsport pms tuner , I have the fuel cut back 14% across the board and still running rich and if I go more than that its too lean , -14 will run and drive but still not running like it should and too rich ,my last thought was smaller injector and/or pump but everything im reading is similar setups to mine with no Anderson tuner and theres are running fine, please help before I go insane this car is broke me on expenses cant afford dyno right now and it kills me to just watch it sit .
  2. Thread moved to fox tech. Has it ran properly? What has changed? Run codes??
  3. well its never been tuned since the build except by me and the interstate and my ears, I originally got the pms tuner thinking I went to big on injectors ,not really most the codes are from stuff bypassed the typical throw away stuff , but recently I did pull and o2 code outta of it but not everytime neither
  4. Sounds like you need some help from a PMS guru, someone will chime in
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  5. Are you able to datalog? Whats your afr's?
  6. have snapon solus scanner it will graph alitttle but ill be honest I don't know how to do everything it can,185's I believe ,been awhile !
  7. Still have stock ecm? Can you bypass the PMS? If you have a maf matched to your injectors it should be close enough of a base tune on the factory ecm to get you running, then can tweak from there. Sounds like your tune is just fubarred
  8. yes, there is a stand alone option which will bypass stock ecm but I never had any luck with it ,that tuner is VERY thorough and tricky u make one change and your almost forced to make 20 more elsewhere , maybe I need try stand alone again ,yea its fubarred right now been sitting on the lift for a month figured I try and reach out to others tired of scratching my head
  9. read ur post wrong ,only way to bypass pms is unplug it like it was never installed
  10. You can actually call in to Anderson Ford and talk to Rick or one of their techs for some assistance
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  11. O2's will make it run rich so if that code did come up I would start there.
  12. I would unplug it and use stock tune, clear all codes, and run it and see whats going on. Do you have an afr gauge?
  13. is there any special one I should be using ? I know there something called wideband ,or is a stock bosch form local part store good enough?

  15. True, but he knows its way rich. I would start from scratch if it were me. With those mods, the stock ecm should be close enough to being good with a maf calibrated for the injectors. The PMS will then allow you to tune from there.
  16. Definitely need a wideband sensor as well as a gauge designed for the wideband. Sounds like youre in a bit over your head and should have someone with experience tuning to get you fixed up
  17. any way to bench check so to speak a o2 sensor ?
  18. You have fuel pressure set at 40 psi with vacuum disconnected?
  19. maybe alittle but no turning back now I knew it was gonna be something just didn't see the complications coming with with it