Desperatly Need Help Please ! 347 Stroker Fuel Problem

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by joedirt76, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. yes no vacumn to fpr
  2. We'll do our best....
  3. that's the kicker madspeed when I first bought the tuner they send u a form to fill out with your setup and they send u back a baseline , there baseline wouldn't even hardly run the car
  4. guessing your maf is off
  5. I'd put the PMS aside and get it to run without it. Nothing in your setup would "require" using it.
    30's with the right meter should make your car run pretty well, no pms required.
    I'd think you possibly have a bad meter, it does happen from time to time.
    You sure the meter is meant for 36's?
    36 injectors are kinda rare, they really serve little point in the fox world. Too much for most NA engines and too little for supercharged cars.
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  6. yea ive been thinkn of switching to 30's just sucks diagnosing a problem at $300 a set, I will double check maf sensor as well maybe its defective ,and 02, thanks for all yalls help so far gonna go play with it some will check back in awhile with updates
  7. good luck, report back with your findngs
  8. too damn cold out there !, what ive found so far I correct myself I have a 75mm tb and spacer and a c&l 76mm maf and tube in between, c&l color codes there calibration tubes and I think you guys have pointed me in the right direction,after looking at all the charts there is no color coded tube listing for 36lb injectors for 76mm maf , mine is color coded red which comes up for 38lb injectors , so at this point im thinkn I need to drop to 30lbs and keep the red tube or step up to 80mm maf and keep the red tube as far as the charts say either way would be correct , what do yall say ?
  9. That meter is a total piece of crap.
    Go for a pro m, pmas 80mm or bigger.

    I'd also goto 30's while you are at it.
    30's are fairly cheap used, and selling your 36's will fund it.
  10. amen, ditch the c&l maf and pick up a pro m unit and 30# injectors. Should be able to pickup the setup for about $250. sell your jink to offset the cost and you'll be happy camper!
  11. Yes as they have said get a Pro M matched to the correct injectors, I've never had one issue with mine in 10yrs.
  12. If I get a pro-m and 30lb injectors what size should the maf be ? And I'm wondering if my setup now is why I'm running rich hate to spend all that money replacing parts and still end up running rich , I looked at pro-m website and looks like all they offer is 75mm or 80mm , I don't see how the 75 would work I always told the maf has to be bigger than the tb and spacer and I'm running 75 for those
  13. 75, 77, 80, it dont make much difference
  14. Yup a tad bigger maf helps move the air velocity through faster to the intake. That's why BBK cold air kits start bigger on the end of the tube.
  15. Youre probably running rich because maf is calibrated wrong and with that pos, its better to replace it. Replace it with a Pro M calibrated for 30# injectors along with 30# injectors, bypass the pms, clear all your codes, and go run that pig! I'd also recomend changing your oil and filter and maybe even your plugs, depending on how long its been running rich
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  16. ^^^^^Yup do ALL that.
  17. The 75's work, i ran one for years before i went to an 80mm.

    I'm out of touch with what is on the market right now, but i'd do whatever either puts the filter in the fender or in the stock box.
    I ran an anderson ford power pipe where the meter and pipe goes in the fender. Not exactly the cheapest solution.
    But i just don't like the open filter in the engine compartment and i don't think all meters connect to the stock air box.

    I wouldn't even be considering using the c&l regardless of the sampling tube.