Desperatly Need Help Please ! 347 Stroker Fuel Problem

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by joedirt76, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. bout to order some fuel injectors any recommended brands that don't cost a fortune ?
  2. UPDATE !!! wow let me just begin with WTF ? tore car apart to fix and believe ive found all my problems , first and foremost I bypassed the pms and when I did ive noticed the car has the WRONG FREAKN COMPUTER in it , had a da1 and from my understanding that was for speed density 5-speed I have automatic w/maf - smh, also found plugs were disgusting looking from running so rich, and calibration tube was wrong for my maf , long story short new plugs are in , a9p computer , 30# injectors and correct calibration tube are on the way !! cant wait for next week this ride should come alive !! will give a final update then!
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  3. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE !!!! problem freAkin solved !! changed injectors, calibration tube, and computer to a9p and bypassed pms and this beast just came to life like never before !!!!!!! happy guy here thanks for all the help !!
  4. great to hear!
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  5. put a real maf on the and pick up some better driveablity
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  6. Yup I plan to ,had to cut a corner for now and just buy a tube , other parts set me back a bit , but the computer swap alone is unbelievable difference can't get over I never knew a DA1 was in it , it's like night and day man !