Detailed Engine Bays.

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  1. Lets see em... :)
  2. 1999 Cobra
    445 whp
    367 ft/tq


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  3. Nice. Do you have a bigger pic? :flag:
  4. tallywood_005.jpg

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  5. Here is one.

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  6. Here's mine.. Not the best, but it works for me :)


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  7. stang2-2006040.jpg Mines in the link above, but I love posting pictures

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  8. Ahhhhh, ok ..... :D:D:D



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  9. Wow Scott! Now that is one impressive engine bay. Nice job!
  10. Thanks - Much appreciated :) :) :)
  11. where did you buy all that? Or did you take it somewhere to get chromed???
  12. I pulled the valve covers - intake hat - cross-over tube myself and sent it out for polishing and chroming. Not an easy job on a 4V. The tech article is up on my site.

    The alternator is a powermaster - chrome unit - NOT cheap.

    The overflow is Canton - I polished and chromed it. The steeda rad cover I also chromed because that cheap crap stainless scratches 10 seconds after you install it. I also chromed the fuse cover.

    The caps are all available online. NO UPR CRAP they're all MGW or Steeda units.

    The battery hold-down is polished aluminum - comes really nice from Western battery - I will chrome it down the road.

    I vacuum metalized the firewall - hood hinges - and just recently the PS Resevoir which came out mint ....

    I hand polished the TB.

    The cold air is BBK which comes chromed.

    Hmmmmm, think that's about it. Chrome is NOT cheap.
  13. That is nice, how do you like the chrome radiator hose? I saw that and was thinking of picking one up. It seems like it would last for a long time.

    Also, where did you get the polished alternator/case?

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  14. That is just INSANE looking. Nice work.

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  15. While on the subject... how do you guys wash under there? I mean, what do you just cover up the important stuff and shampoo it with soap and water? I wasnt to wash up my engine bay, but I don't know what not to get wet lol
  16. I NEVER wash my bay .....

    Actually - Chrome is EXTREMELY easy to maintain. A very nice paint polish or a topper chrome polish is all that is needed.

    I use a duster to remove any dust - then in 5 minutes I can pretty much do all the chrome.

    Of course, you have to realize that my car is NOT a daily driver or does not see rain.

    A "Polished" bay is a nightmare to keep clean.

    This was my 96 Cobra RIP. You would not believe how hard it was to keep that polished engine looking good.


    When I did the new car I made sure I went chrome over just polish.

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  17. Probably best to cover the alternator, fusebox, battery. I've used Simple Green with good results. If you're by the book, the owner's manual actually has instructions on what to cover/how to clean it. :nice: