Detailed Engine Bays.

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    No bling bling, but its clean. :shrug:
  3. the chrome radiator hoses are fine..easy to clean...just wipe down..

    I had the case for the alternator chromed at a shop...took it apart, took it to them along with a bunch of other brackets, etc and they chromed it....

    I never wet my engine...don't drive it in the rain...just wipe the dirt off it every now and then....easy to keep clean when you don't let your car get wet!
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  5. ^^Now that's a bone stock engine bay. As soon as I put my first chrome and stainless steel pieces in my engine bay, then all that black plastic crap went by the wayside. Looks 100X better dressed up.


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  6. Nothin "blingy" about mine, but at least it's clean. Somewhat..


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  7. Beautiful! :nice:

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  8. It's ok if you keep the black plastic on yours. The blower more than makes up for it. Nice. :drool:
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    Here's mine. Everything was powder coated to match my wheels.
  10. Here's mine...
  11. how do u like the p-51?
  12. Not to fall off topic too much, I haven't finished the car yet. It's got a built bottom end, ported heads, cams, t-trim, 8-rib pulley conversion, meth injection and a bunch of other things. It made damn good power for a baseline pull, but I will be seeing much more power in a few weeks.