Detailed my cobra again...Optimum Polish + Blue Natty's (major DUW)

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  1. My precious coat of Souveran went thin on me over the last month, so I decided it was time to do another detail today. I took a bit of a different approach this time:

    - Wash w/ P21S soap and foam gun
    - Wolfgang clay on hood and front bumper
    - Optimum Polish via PC Polishing pad
    - Clearkote RMG via PC Polishing pad
    - Poorboy's EX (one coat) via PC Finishing pad. Removed after 1 hour.
    - Poorboy's Blue Natty's special edition wax (one coat)
    - Clearkote Metal Polish on exhaust tips
    - Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel on tires

    I was very impressed with the Optimum Polish. It's extremely versatile and it doesn't dust up at all. It seems like you can work this stuff in forever.

    The Poorboy's EX + Blue Natty's combo is also quite nice. Very reflective, great depth, and decent wetness. We'll see how much dust it attracts and how long it lasts. I still like Souveran a bit better for looks alone, but EX + Blue Natty's came pretty damn close.

    On to the pics...





  2. It came out awesome.
  3. :drool: Ahhh, black cars! :rolleyes: I am biased, sorry. Looks good man!

  4. Wish my 96 had that good of paint on it..As soon as I get out of auto body school (if I ever get the money to go) I am going to repaint mine..your car is sweet the ride height and all...and nothing like that nice round ass of a 99+
  5. I'd be afraid to drive that in L.A. I'm half considering buying another beater so that I can park on the street when I go into town & not stress out over the car the whole time I'm away. I used to have an ultra-rare '98 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC- special edition (1 of 117) that I sold b/c I was too paranoid to drive it around these parts. Streets & parking are just SO tight everywhere around here that my baby just sat in the garage all the time. I'm a little less anal on the '01 'vert... I guess b/c it's not as pristine. Nice job on the detail tho... kudos...
  6. Ooooooooooooooh nice :nice:

    Kill the flash on the pics though! :D

    Nice to see another one knowin' the tricks of the trade ;)
  7. Looks very nice. :nice:
  8. I agree. Nice work man.
  9. Great work on the Stang. Great shine with lots of depth and wetness :nice:

    Glad to see the Optimum Polish worked well for you.

  10. that thing looks awesome :drool:
  11. Looks great. :nice:

    I'm not familiar with any of the brands that you used :shrug: are they uber expensive?

    Also, mechanical (buffer) or hand polish?
  12. Looking good. :drool:
    How long did it take you?
  13. didnt log out
  14. ^was me

    car is did a real nice job
  15. Awesome, I dont think it has ever been looking better...

    I need something to get all these swirl marks out, wax just isn't cutting it neither is the 3M hand glaze.. :notnice:
  16. buffer...PC 7424
  17. about 4-5 hours.
  18. Do they sell those at Lowe's? I went to buy one and they didn't have any :(
  19. No, not at Lowes. Meguiars sells the same PC but with their name tag on it + a lifetime warranty. I think it's $100 extra or so, but the warranty is pretty persuasive figuring it'll cost more than that to replace one to begin with.

    But you can order those thru (their model of it), and also various pro-line car care websites. I can't say for certain which, but I'd try and othewise Google "porter cable 7424" and see which vendors come up.

    I think they sell them through, too. That places is insane, btw :nice: