Detailed the stang (few pics)

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  1. My process was like so
    Klasse all-in-one 2x's (one coat to clean the old wax off, the second coat to lay down more of an acrylic base)
    Clearkote's Vanilla Moose Hand Glaze
    4 Stars Ultimate Paint Protection (paint sealent)
    Rims I use Klasse AIO then two coats of Poorboys Wheel Sealent
    Tires I used Poorboys Bold N Bright.
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  2. Nice results out of a white car. :nice:
  3. Thank you sir
  4. Nice job, it looks really great.
  5. Thanks :nice: All by hand BTW as soon as the fund are available a pc will be on order. Would like to take my paint to the next level ;)
  6. Damn Danny, looks real nice!

    That doesn't even look like the same car I saw down at Blue Oval awhile back, I honestly say it looks like you take about 6-7 years of "damage" out of that paint.

    Hell of a job man! :nice: If any of you guys have seen this car in person, you will really appreciate the great job done here.
  7. Hey do you have a metallic flake in the paint or is it just the camera?
  8. Thanks Eric I've been "perfecting" my process as time allows. In all fairness when I made my way up to Clearwater I hit rain on the way up so yeah the car looke pretty bad. But even my mom has commented on how well the cars paint looks thats saying something. I was hoping to make it to Moroso for the fun ford power festival with the hopes of seeing you and giving you some Megs #16 to try out. But I'm starting a new job working at Discount so I won't have the time off :( .

    Nope just the camera, I read a great "how to" on picture taking and have been tinkering with it to get better photo's. As you can tell I have my work cut out lol.
  9. Eh, pictures never do a car justice anyway.
  10. Danny you inspried me to actually fully detail my own car last weekend! Process went like this

    Clay bar
    Meguires paint cleaner
    Duragloss polish
    Meguires Carnuaba wax

    Looks pretty darn good for just off the shelf stuff.
  11. What and no pics :notnice: lol glad I was able to inspire :nice: . A tip I learned about detailing white is paying attention to detail. Your side mirrors need to be cleaned and made blacker with what ever product works best for you, same goes for your antena(sp?) base and side emplems need to really shine. Same goes for your window trim molding. These will really make the car stand out more then any other white car. It's time consuming but the end result maks it worth it. You can space out your process during a week.
  12. Haha I got pics, unfortunately the site I upload them too is not working, should be up in a day or 2.

    Thanks for the tip Danny, I'll keep that in mind :nice: