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  1. Requesting detailing 101 basically,

    I want to take taking care of my car to the next level, I also want to become pretty good at detailing right now i have little experience but i want to be able to detail near perfect, and also be able to repair any dings, scratches, paint chips, things like that, I just want to make sure I'm doing everything the proper way before i start, i picked up some fresh products today.

  2. No offense.. but I would look at a little bit better products personally. But I will tell you the one piece that I don't see that is a MUST for a decent detail is clay bar. This is the products I am starting to use now, they ship it or you can ask if there is a distributor in your area. Adam's Polishes
  3. yeah i actually just found a local adams seller, are their products really the best? because a lot of people speak very highly of them and dont speak highly of some of the products i bought
  4. They are pretty dang good. I was REALLY impressed with the detail spray they have. Chemical guys is another good company I've heard of and a guy on here SRT Handz uses them I believe. Just do any search of his threads to see the work he has done and he usually lists his products as well. I'm not bashing the stuff you got because I still have some of that and even use it, but I think the other stuff is just a notch better personally.
  5. Has some really good products. Easy to use, smell good and produce great results.
  6. Always use the 2 bucket method when washing. Use high quality micro fiber mitts, polish and drying towels. Also a (pc) Porter cable is very good to have. Simple and safe buffer to use to remove minor swirls and scratches.
  7. Your best bet is going to be to look up SRT_Handz threads....
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  9. If you have any questions about detailing, This forum is the place to ask them.


    Just google "Handz Detailed" and have fun reading
  10. +1. Haven't seen many cars better detailed than Handz's or the ones he does.
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    I have used some of these (wax system and detailer spray) and they worked better and easier than anything I have ever bought off the shelf in a chain auto store.
  12. For starters, this is the best website to buy products from. We Are Car Care -- Car Wax, Car Polish, Auto Detailing Supplies, Car Buffers & Car Accessories Store

    Second, someone else said it already so I won't dwell on it, but the products you bought are not very good. If you want to get down and dirty into detailing you're going to want products that will give you the best results. And some of that needs to be tailored around the color of your car. Different waxes provide better results for different colors.....and I'm not talking about a small difference either, in some cases it can be quite dramatic.

    For starters, you need to ask yourself how often you want to be waxing. If you have the time you must remember that a wax wears off in 4 weeks give or take. So it's alot of work to keep the car looking it's best. I myself have used and will continue to use sealants. The are a superior product in terms of protection and durability. They do provide a slightly different look after applied than a wax though. Some actually prefer it, though some still like just the wax. However, you can marry the two together by first applying the sealant and then after curing apply the wax of your choice. This is the best of both worlds and the absolute best thing you can do to protect your car. I personally use Klasse SG (sealant glaze). It can get knocked by a few people who aren't used to it. You will see comments that it's hard to get off. I've never had a problem, nor has anyone I know. The Klasse will last as I've personally seen on my cars up to a year. You can alwasy rewax it at anytime as well.

    Try reading this to help explain. Carnauba Car Wax vs. Paint Sealants, carnauba wax reviews, paint sealant reviews

    To address your wax question, one of the best ways to determine the best wax would be to know what color your car is. My car is white for ex. The most striking visual results I've ever gotten (and what I presently do) is the following

    Wash>Clay>3 Coats Klasse SG> Topcoat meguire's nxt 2.0 or Pinnacle souveran (Finally Liquid Souveran Wax achieves the Pinnacle of Perfection. Liquid Souveran Carnauba Wax has the ease of a liquid wax with the protection and)

    Pinnacle as a brand is fantastic stuff. Pricey, but worth it.

    Hope that helps a little bit.....
  13. yeah i now realize that the products i thought were to be good or atleast decent are said to be poor quality :( but i have several friends that want me to detail their cars, even with those products, so I might as well use them and get some practice in, im definitely going to try adams products out, and i need to learn more about sealants

    what waxes work best for what colors? my stangs mineral grey
  14. I kinda know alot about detailing products....

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    Some Gallons.....

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    Wolfgang, 1Z, Meguires, and some other favorites....

    View attachment 192247

    All My CG Stuff, Adam's is made by CG so i keep it on the same shelf lol

    View attachment 192248

    So Spray Bottles....

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    Some more Gallons, Tools, and All my pads are in that Big Box

    View attachment 192250

    View attachment 192251

    View attachment 192252

    View attachment 192253

    View attachment 192254

    This is a Recent Haul I got this week

    CG Vertua Bond
    CG Metal Shine
    CG Water Sport Remover
    CG Bug & Tar Remover
    CG Blue Wheel & Rim Cleaner
    CG Marble Madness Wash
    CG Wheel Gaurd
    Assortment of Pads

    View attachment 192255

    View attachment 192256

    View attachment 192257

    Just a few towels

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    View attachment 192259





    I Spent WAY Too Much money on This..... Its going on MY SN95 First.

  15. Srt, do you use something similar to this that Adam's sells? I'm sure you can get it elsewhere besides a leaf blower since it will pick up a ton of dirt as well as get the water off.

    Adam's Blaster Sidekick by MetroVac

    Interesting, I didn't know adams and chemical guys were the same company basically. The adams stuff seems to be packaged a little bit better but that doesn't mean crap if its more expensive.
  16. Yeah, Adams is re-packaged CG stuff.

    I use an air compressor so i dont use the electric blower anymore.
  17. does this mean that cg>adams?
  18. hey ever use a de ionized water set up? I've been hearing good things and I'm thinking about giving it a go. Obviously not pre wax or anything but just a normal wash between coatings.

    Cheers :nice:
  19. every time Handz puts up all these products, i feel like a noob.....then realize, I am.