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  1. i just got some chemical guys water spot remover, and that stuff is the tits :nice:
  2. Paste wax vs. liquid wax, which do you all prefer?

    I am a paste wax fan, since I apply by hand, no money for power tools. I have tried liquid (cheap stuff) and don't like it as much.
  3. Not to derail or anything... but is there a tool that will help with doing a claybar?

    I swear, after claybar'ing one panel of the car, i am too pooped to do anything else. it always takes me a few days to claybar my car. I would like to have a solution to claybar the car within an hour. that would be so sweet!
  4. rub one out every now and then :nice:
  5. lol. I flatten my clay bar as thin as I can get it without getting any holes in it, so i get decent surface coverage if that helps any.

    And to the OP, they have given you some good links to some good products most of which you will have to order. Only thing that I sometimes buy is Duragloss products and they can be found in some Napa stores sometimes. One of the better waxes for cheap that ive found is Nattys blue paste wax, have been using some dojo purple haze but I think im going back to nattys.
  6. +1 Nattys BLUE!!!!!
  7. I tried that Meguires Ultimate Compound with a random orbit the other day and was disappointed. Its REALLY gentle. It didnt touch swirls. It'll restore the color a little, but its a really really mild cut.

    Whats a good swirl remover for a 6" random buffer Handz?

    And how about a basic detail recommendation for NORMAL people?:D Lets limit you to 6 products! Like...

    For example, my pathetic detailing job consists of:

    Meguires wash, I actually find Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover to be great, Mother Clay Bar kit from Wally World works good, I like Meguires Hi Tech Yellow Carnuba Wax (because it lasts ages) and I have some decent tire black stuff.
    On my black SUV that Turtle Wax Black Box worked amazing. I still need something to actually remove swirls though, not just fill them in temporarily.
  8. If anyone has any question about detailing PLEASE ask them on the Forum link below and i will answer them. We talk hardcore detailing in this forum.

  9. If you get some M105/M205, a PC, a few good pads, and use the KB method, you can do some incredible paint correction. I've had great luck with this combo. My car was just a mess with swirls and RIDS everywhere, and using this method I eliminated at least 85% of the swirls (was limited on what I could do due to the thickness of the paint).
  10. Never received the confirmation email from the forum that srt posted. what does everyone think about adams products? good products but high priced?
  11. what are the essential products to have for a wash and wax, including brushes etc
  12. check your spam folder on your email.
  13. the products you bought are fine, i've never bought into the whole expensive chemical brothers crap, i've always got my car looking awesome with products auto parts stores sell.
  14. I like the Adams stuff and that is what I will continue to use. I will look into Chemical Guys stuff but not having a dealer near me makes it to where I will have to ship it, if I want Adams I make a phone call and pick it up same day. As far as products to do wash/wax I would say this:

    2 Buckets (MUST)
    Tire brush
    Wash pad
    Car Shampoo
    Soft towels or air dry (Detail spray when the car is wet helps dry things too surprisingly)
    Tire dressing
    Metal/Chrome polish if your wheels call for it
    Clay Bar
    Detail spray
    A few good microfiber cloths
    Wax of choice
    More microfiber towels

    I am pretty sure that is a good list.
  15. you forgot grit guards :p
  16. I have one, but I don't know if its a great thing :shrug: I find that it moves around in the bottom ALOT and comes up as well so it seems to just stir up the dirt instead of keeping it down. I guess I need a different bucket but I think even the 2 bucket method is sufficient enough for the everyday wash.
  17. Darker color cars such as black, darker reds, purple.... you can notice swirls and marrying which will almost look like holograms in the paint. The 2 bucket method works great to help eliminate inducing swirls and marrying. Always make sure your wash mitt and towels have no traces of dirt or grime stuck on them.