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  1. Hi All -

    Need some guidance. I have a '68 Mustang with what I believe is the original paint job. There is swirling and scratches (see pic #1 and #2 below). The car arrived two weeks ago and you can see that is needed to be cleaned (pic #3). I washed it (following the instructions above) and then when I was going to start detailing I got cold feet - was afraid I was going to damage the paint further. Is the process described above in the detailing guide fine to follow or do I need to take extra precautions?

    Thank you in advance.

    Harry Car scratches.jpg more scratches.jpg 2012-02-06_14-24-17_204.jpg
  2. I just detailed my 1993 Mustang with a cheap harbor freight polisher and Meguiars Ultimate Compound. You can use the compound by had it will just take longer. My car was very heavily oxidized and I was able to make it shine.
  3. Thanks - got the Meguiar's paint restoration kit. It will be by hand so I will let you know how it goes. I will start tomorrow and let you know how it goes.... next month! haha!
  4. You can also try Meguiars swirl remover if there is a lot of swirl marks in the paint.
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  5. Thank you! I will try it out.
  6. And also when you are washing the car use 2 buckits one with soap and water an the other one with just water that way you wont put swirl marks in your paint
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  7. And the best paste wax to use is Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp it works really well on reds an greens paints