Detroit Area Mustang guys

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  1. Where did everybody go????? Where did the thread go??
  2. Where are my dream cruise pics? :chair:
  3. im still here
    the entire summer i never really found out where everyone goes for cruises at night anymore... (dearborn area)
  4. I dont know about the Dearborn area but if you come over to woodward during next year you will find what you are looking for.
  5. Hey I just got a 2000 GT about a month ago I was wondering what are some first mods I could get over the winter. I’m not looking for anything engine related cause I plan on swapping out to a 4valve. Also I would like for them to be us full latter on when I go for alot more horse. thanks
  6. I'll get them up here.....OMG sorry......I said I would about 2 months ago!! Sorry.:D

  7. Skipped the DC this year - its getting boring - hit some other cruises. Check out the pics.
  8. If you live in the west 'burbs, you've gotta check out this neighborhood in Canton on Cherry Hill west of Beck on the north side.

    Photo from the nav system in one of my cars...:D :rlaugh: :lol: :flag: :bang: :jaw:


    It must be great to be a pilot.

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  9. Every chick in that neighborhood must have a helluva rack. :lol:

    So, does your nav say, "Turn left at the nipple?" :shrug:
  10. I still gotta get the Woodward pics up here!!! I'm so slow.
  11. Anyone know somebody selling some tri-bar rims? I'm lookin to grab some.
  12. I got some with your name on them....just wondering if i know where all the center caps are....
  13. Nate,

    I'll pm you or i'll leave you a email about the price. I'mm looking to pick them up soon.
  14. Bout damn time!!! :banana:
  15. I know I know....I hope you liked them.
  16. Nice pics Andy!

    Page 5, second from the last....Were you taking a picture of the yellow Mustang, or the bewbies??:rlaugh:
  17. I was honestly aiming for the Foose Mustang HOWEVER I wasn't complaining that she walked in front of the camera.