Detroit Area Mustang guys

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  1. Anyone going to the Autorama?
  2. Its about that time!!!!!!!!!!:D
  3. Yes, indeed it is. Cars will come out from hibernation soon...:popcorn:
  4. [troll]
    What's hibernation? :shrug:


  5. Clinton twp...checking in......

    Whats a good shop "cheap" to instal h/c/i on a 5.0
  6. Honestly, I'm weird about who would possibly do work on my car. This is because I deliver to 1000's of shops around the area. I see the mechanics that work there, I see how they work, and I see what kind of cars they work on. My car doesn't belong in any of these shops. I see many mechanics come and go and this leads me to believe that shops hire anybody that can fill out an application and knows the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver. They don't have the knowledge to tear and upper half apart. They mostly know how to "do brakes" and "change oil".

    The only place I would let touch the upper half of my car is

    He is not "cheap", but they will do the highest quality work, they have the nicest, cleanest facility, inside storage and they will make sure it's right before it leaves. All they work on is Mustangs since 1990.

    Or, you could try and tackle it yourself.
  7. O ya, I knew someone would of posted lidio, he will be for sure tunning it...But his prices are ridiculous!!! $1100 for just a head swap!
  8. My summer wheels came out of hibernation, and my blizzacks have started hibernation...
  9. :D

    On a 5.0 or 4.6? My goodness.............
  10. Probaly a 5 liter. A 4.6L head swap, they pull the motor for those, uping the price even more.
  11. a lil old simple 5.0
  12. Mine never does



    bold- ain't that hard to do.

    :eek: :notnice:

    That's a crock. You can do a head swap on a 4.6 W/O pulling the engine
  13. PHP---:rlaugh:

    A 2V head swap maybe not. It's still tight because the hydroboost unit.

    A 4V head swap yes you do.

  14. What's wrong w/Pauls? :shrug: Did they screw up one of your cars or someone you know have a bad experience with them? I know a few people who have gone there and have had NO issues.

    I'd pull the hydroboost to swap heads before I yanked an engine out just to change heads.

    Lidio isn't the only one out there you know.
  15. Yeah, but why drive all the way to Jackson. By the time you get out there, your down over 50 bucks on gas. It only costs about 5 bucks to drive to I have know him for 8 years now.
  16. wrecked parts...

    Hey guys, been outta the scene for a while. Totalled the 95 GT i had and have been parting it out since last summer.

    Anywho i still have a explorer motor (gt-40p heads) with an accufab 75mm Fox TB on it. I added head studs and converted to roller rockers before i dropped it in. I have mac long tube headers on it now, with a matching prochamber. Im looking to get rid of it. Email me at [email protected] if u know anyone who might be interested.

    Also, any ideas on how i could get rid of the car for a couple bucks?

    OH! I also had a tokico suspension(struts, shocks and springs) on it that dropped it about 1.5". Should still be good. But it is still on the car.

    Hope all is well with everyone!!!
  17. Nate what happen to you selling me those rims?????
  18. My bad sir, u can still get them. I got the 18" black chrome mach 1's i had on my car for sale 2. Well 3 of them....1 got ruined in the wreck.