Detroit Area Mustang guys

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  1. 2008 Dream Cruise Countdown: 30 Days, 03 Hours, 53 Min, 25 Sec as of a few seconds ago.
  2. So what one of those sleds are you gonna bring to Woodward this year?
  3. I registered Hack Job. But did you read the new rules? They are gonna email you a time to come according to the year of your Mustang. So, being an 81...I'll prolly have to show up at 5am!!!!!:eek: Danny's is a 78 so maybe we'll get to park next to each other. THen you have your 95, Aarons, my Dads 07 etc....Mustang Alley is gonna be funked up this year.
  4. You should register both of yours too Andy...just for the hell of it. Use a really funny name, and show up with both cars!! I'd like to bring both notches, but my Dad is driving his car.
  5. :rlaugh:

    I hope you're wrong, but like I said IMO this is the Beginning of the END of Mustang Alley! :nonono: :notnice:

    You should let YOUR BETTER 1/2 drive the '91. HOT chics in Mustangs :drool::nice:
  6. Any time you want your vert to get handed it's ass my my little yellow coupe just let me know. I'll get some tires on the rear that will hook it up and we'll go!
  7. Sorry to bail out on Mustang Alley this year. I wasn't crazy about the staggered arrival times and also being stuck there until 6pm. But regardless, we'll probably stop in at some point and check it out.
  8. Thats the two reasons I'm not going. Screw that!
  9. You gotta stop by and get some beer at B-Dubs with us. I want to bring my yellow car to show it off, but I want to sell my black notch, so I might bring that with a FOR SALE sign....:(
  10. :rolleyes: I've asked you SEVERAL TIMES on DR to name the time and place. YOU havn't said 1 word EXCEPT smack!

    If this year sucks, which I'm pretty sure it is going to. This will be it for me in M.A. :notnice:


    bold- :jaw:

    I already to you to let C drive one of 'em :D

    Dude, now is NOT the time to be selling a car like that. The Economy sucks right now and you won't get what you should get out of it right now.
  11. We'll stop in for sure and have a beer. We'll be at a house near 13-1/2 and Woodward. It's about a block off of Woodward. Gonna do a little BBQing, bring a cooler filled with beer and just hang out. Should be fun.
  12. What about after the cruise?
  13. not sure if i'll even make it to the cruise guys.... blew a headgasket last saturday not sure if i'll get the car back together in time...
  14. We can race anywhere you want..I'm game. Freeway?

    Good. I haven't seen you since I was punching all those boards at Aarons house that night. Those two gouges in my hand just healed up a couple weeks ago...:eek: :D I am planning on having you guys over after the crusie plan on coming over my house. I'm gonna have burgers, brats, munchies, BEEERRRR, and some liquor. You can even spend the night if you want, don't drink and drive....:nonono:
  15. No E-mail YET!!!

    The Motor City Terminators must be polishing up their wheels so they looks really shiny when they spin the rollers on the dyno....WAIT Mustang Alley doesn't have a Dyno....:shrug:

    Tell those dyno queens to get E-mailin!
  16. Just got an email from them.....sounds like you can arrive between 6 and 8am and they group you by decade. So, in other words, I could of registed my 95, Matt could of called his 81 a 91, Jay could of registered his as a 99 and we'd be all together.
  17. Yeah, I checked the parking plan on the site. Looks like show cars is between 6-8am. Then regular Mustangs after??? Then it says 2000's thru 80's Mustangs to get there as early as their arrival time as possible. WTF does that mean. I guess I'll just get there about 8am then. :shrug:
  18. Im from Westland MI. Any people near me? I know Ryan (shirolex?) and have talked to him a few times.

    I pulled in behind another silver 02 at the gas station yesterday and chatted with the guy for a while. I should have told him to come here. :doh:
  19. I had a good time this year. Not as bad as I thought it would be because we parked on the end where you could leave early.
  20. :nice: Wasteland here.

    A few shots from Woodward, did the whole loop from the fairgrounds, through Pontiac and back to 8 Mile on the motorcycle. Very fun this year.


    A few other shots from the shows this year - Mike's Car Pics!