Detroit Area Mustang guys

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  1. Nice!

    It sucks that I missed it this year. Kind of hard to make it living in Atlanta now.:D

    I still remember your 40th vert from the 2004 cruise when we were parked next to each other.:nice:


    My car looks a little different now.:rlaugh:
  2. I miss WW. This year is almost over. This is the last weekend of summer. Officially.
  3. What's happenin' man? That was a great day in 2004. Ford did a great job.


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  4. bump!!!!!!!!!!
  5. There are still guys that live in the Detroit area that use this site? Wow! :rlaugh:
  6. yeah i attend this every once and a while usually on motown
  7. X2.
  8. :lol:

    Man, when I lived up there, those bastards made a nest under the hood of my Contour when I didn't drive it for one winter. I went to change the oil and noticed they built a house using my engine compartment.

    Luckily, they didn't chew any wiring harnesses.

  9. For some reason, Contours seem to be prone to mice invasions. I have my SVT parked in the driveway right in front of where the little rats were running. Everytime it snows, I see squirrel-rat tracks disappear under the front fascia.
  10. Well i am not from the Detroit area but i do live in Edwardsburg Michigan....I am looking to hang out this summer....We just bought our house and i was thinking about having a big cookout and hangout this summer....We have lots of room to park cars...I think it would be cool....Also have stang and will travel.....LOL

  11. Oh yeah? Those rear wheels came from The Rouge? :D
  12. Not actually lol. But the rest of the car is stock. Only put the rims on there lol
  13. LOL @ the dead mouse in the rat trap pics...

    BTW -Registration for this year's Dream Cruise / Mustang Alley is underway ($20 a spot now):

    Mustang Alley 2009
  14. Mustang/Shelby/Ford show at Ford World Headquarters, May 31.

    Check out the pics - MLAV PHOTOGRAPHY

    A few samples -





  15. Detroit Area Mustang Guys! Brought back!!! FTW!