Detroit Area Mustang guys

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  1. great pics of the cruise!!!!! To bad it was cut short on Saturday due to weather it was my only day out :( What is the deal with this area and no mustang guys? I went to the ford/mustang show in Lansing yesterday it was great lots of 94 to 98 and lots of 99 to 03 and tons of new stangs!!!!!! Saw a Super Snake a real one wow Bad A**.......... Only 10 fox bodies in all and I had two of them my 87 GT convert and my wifes 89 GT hatch!!!!!! She beat out the guys in the muffler rap contest!!!!!!!! even me :( lol any way lets do our best to get some shows started or a fall color tour ect!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks!

    Mustang Alley, Nine Mile Road??? :D

    There are clubs all around.

    Mustang Alley 2011