Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

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  1. :flag: I am flying to the Detroit Show just to see the new 2005 Mustang. I will take a professional digital Nikon to photograph the new car. I'm new to the forum but will attempt to post the better pics. I have always wanted this car and have arranged with my local dealer (Bob Allen, Overland Park, KS) to be the first, if possible, for a Black 2005 GT, stick, ASAP. My wife works for FORD here at the Kansas City Plant (she final sands the roofs of the Escapes) so I hope we can get a "A" plan discount. Even without the discount the GT will be.

    I'll provide a full technical report on this forum for those interested. Please let me know of a particular item/area of the car you want photographed.

    /s/ Charles Arndt Lt Col (ret) USA SAE BSME

    expect the report o/a 14 January
  2. My father works on the F150 side of that plant, so I hope to be A-planning an '05+ as well. For pictures, I think most people have a good idea of what the front looks like, so pictures of the rear will be nice. Although there's going to be pictures from 1000 different sources uploaded very quickly, so you don't have to worry about it too much.
  3. Great its always nice to have a fellow stanger get the angles we really want :)

  4. i'd like to see the interior. the whole interior... as in, behind the drivers seat, et al...wanna see the whole shebang
  5. Im looking forward to seeing it for real at the NAIS this year. I dont plan to buy one reguardless of how it looks, Im more than happy with my 01.
  6. Bob Sight Ford will work with you much better than Bob Allen will. I, too, live in OP, and won't buy a ford from anyone except Bob Sight. Ask for Steve Brackeen, and tell him Josh Wilson or Dan Smith sent you.

    P.S. I'll be at the unveiling in Detroit on January 4th. I wouldn't waste your time with a techical writeup unless you get it on the 'net by January 4th in the evening, as everyone and their brother will have already done it and posted it all over the web.
  7. Yea i live here in detroit, cant wait to finally see it up close and personal.