Diablo chips?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by mys2kal, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. I bought a diablo chip today, and I was just wondering what people thought of them. are they any good. as i upgrade my motor will the chip be good or will i need to take it out. i drove it a few miles tonight but i wasn't able to really get on it to tell if it helped or not.
  2. I had one in for awhile, but eventually took it out when I started having problems with my P.A.T.S. system. I could tell a little improvement up top, but there were some custom features on mine (it wasn't an off the shelf). If you ever decide to do any major motor work or get new gears, the chip will have to be reburned.
  3. quick ??? if the chip needs to be reburned is there any way you can do it your self , any laptop programs and hookups.. or do you need expensive stuff
  4. i lost a half second and 3-4 mph at the track with the diablo chip. and it was dyno tuned by diablo. i ran about 5-6 runs with the chip then took it out and the very next pass got my mph back and et's back. diablow
  5. u gotta have the stuff from diablo sport that you get for being a distributor.
  6. Besides CAI, it was my worst purchase! I could tell no difference what so ever :notnice: Now that I have nitrous it has worked out for tuning changes. NA, I wouldn't waste my money.
  7. I have one and I really like it, but it was dyno tuned for my blower.

    The chip really has nothing to do with the performance, it is the program that your tuner puts on it that matters. Tuners will usually have a chip preference because they are more familiar with the software of a particular brand.

    Don't expect too much from an off-the-shelf chip. Also, don't expect too much if you don't have many mods. The stock computer is pretty good up to a point. Once you get more mods then look into one. I had about every bolt-on available and still ran the stock tune. I didn't get a chip until I got the S/C.
  8. I'm looking into getting the predator when it comes out for the GT. I think that is the way to go you dont get a bad tune, because you do everything yourself and after every mod you dont need a reburn.
  9. I need the chip because of the 3.73's so i decided to go all out with it so i dont have to get a new one later.