Electrical Diablo Predator And Fan Speed Adj.

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  1. Hi, I just got my self a diablo predator for my 03 GT V8.
    I installed the tune and every works just fine

    what I am here for is the fan speed,

    I live in Qatar, and as if you know it , you will know that it's a too hot place , right now without any modifications with the parameters the temperature is in the middle +- one bar.

    I want to make it cooler , what is a good tune for the fan high/low speed sitting, " put in considirations that I don't know a lot about this diablo , so please try to make it as simple as you can ,

    as far as i know there is 5 things I can adjust
    Fan high speed ECT 1 ON Fan low speed ECT ON
    Fan high speed ECT 2 ON Fan low speed ECT OFF
    Fan high speed ECT OFF
    if you can simple it for me , and what would be the coolest sitting for my hot weather .

    one more thing,

    my battery keep dieing I took it to battery company they took a look they said I have something that is consuming the power while the car is off, they put a voltage meter on the NEGATIVE termanal and they found that the value is jumping between 0.3 and 1.3V... how can I know , or just get a hint where could be the problem .

    thank you so much :D
  2. Consider a 160 degree thermostat if you're running in crazy desert temperatures. You can then adjust your fan set points to match that. Don't adjust the fan points without changing the thermostat or else the two systems (thermostat and fans) will basically be fighting each other.

    If you have access to an ammeter consider disconnecting the battery positive cable and placing the ammeter between the battery terminal and the positive lead. Report the reading.

    Typical causes of such drains include a poorly installed aftermarket stereo that leaves an amplifier (e.g.) on or an alternator with a bad diode bridge. It can also be caused by a battery with an internal short but that wouldn't show up with an ammeter test.
  3. ehm... as stupid as this might sound, but I have to say it,

    right now I have a multimeter , "yet still not sure how to use it" would you please tell me how to use this multimeter to do that test you want, "mean which section should I put it on , if you can provide a photo would be great,
    thanks ., sorry for all the troubles .