Diablo Predator P2 S197 Review

Oct 6, 2017
PL. Grove UT
On black Friday the p2 Diablo predator was on sale for a price to good to turn down. After some research & decision making I decided it was the one I wanted.
I've played with it ever since. here's my opinion on it! The mustang is a 2010 GT 68k miles with a bbk Cai, bbk twin 62 TB. I ran the 87 performance tune on 91octane only first, it changed the whole car took the lag out of the throttle response. Pulled way harder from 3500rpm to around 5200. Total
Last week I used it to build a quick custom tune using the 91 Diablo platform. I chose Diablo settings for spark & timing. changed 2nd to 3rd gear shift firmness, put the Rev limiter at what I deem safe. It's a beast at w.o.t!! Pulls hard from 4k to 6k.
Overall for 250$ it was totally worth it . If your not planning on going nuts with mods. The Diablo predator p2 is a worthy device for pulling some power out of your mustang.
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