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  1. I have just bought a diablo sport predator and all i have done is perfomance tune. Now i unfortunetly have an automatic, and have options to modify tunes. Some examples are shift stiffness, rev limiter, etc... In order to get the most power out of my 2005 v6 automatic mustang, what shoud these tunes be?

    Curiously, if anyone is willing to help me on a personal level my AOL IM name is, KuruptionOwnz. If we could discuss there that would be most helpful.

    Thanks to everyone who views, :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:

  2. You really shouldn't need to change anything if it's a good tune to get the most power... Lot of the things you can change are more personal preference and calibration... like tire size and rear gear ratio.....
  3. Well, that is what i have heard. I however have 4 different options of tunes. 89 octane tune, 91 octane tune, factory HP tune, and performance tune. I use performance tune and wondering if i should use a different tune.

    For example when i rev my engine while park or w/e, it only goes to 4 rpms. Now i know manual vehicles can red line it, i just want to go passed 4 rpms when i rev it. I am using mac exhaust and mass air intake system.

  4. yep, the infamous neutral rev limiter... :notnice: set at 4000 RPM... I don't know about Diablo... we just got the ability to change it on our SCT X-Cal2 units...
  5. Hmmm who would know how to change the rev limiter with a diablo predator?
  6. plus and minus on the rev limiter. under load when i nail it im up to 6500 rpm no prob also going very fast at that point. sitting and reving the car isnt the pest thing for it so i will prob leave mine alone. my speed limiter is gone and most of thew other stuff but with the stuff i have done to the care it revs up fast. so its prob good.
  7. Manual cars can not rev to redline in neutral unless we are moving (if you are just sitting there, it doesnt allow you). But i agree, whats the point of revving to redline in neutral? I actually lowered mine to 3000rpm with my xcal2
  8. Well... I've had numerous people at the car shows what my car sounds like with the Magnaflow.... So I would start it up... and then say "hear what it sounds like untill I hit 4000.... " LOL! To really appreciate the sound of the Magnaflow you need to go at least to 5K... LOL
  9. Showing off would be the only reason to do it, it doesnt serve functionality, unless you want to do a 6000rpm clutch drop lol.

    Also to appreciate any exhaust, the car needs to be under load, just somin bout freerevving dont sound right.

  10. My daddy always called that a "Hillbilly Tune Up".... LOL!

    I don't do it very often.... I save it for special occasions... Like just the other day... I pull into the service bay at the dealership (oil change) and let her ROAR! OMG!!! You should have see the head turns and the people that came over to look at my little V6! LOL!!!

    Funny thing while I was there... one of the ladies that works there comes up to me and says " I'm glad you drive your Mustang like it's a Mustang" I scratch my head and said ok... She went on... " I love your car... I see you around town.. but every time I try to point you out to my husband... VRRRROOOM!!!! You go whizzing by!!! " Yep, that would be me! LOL!!!
  11. haha nice scrming. Im probably going to the track tonight, going to see what i can do in 95+ degree heat (was only like 100 today, very 'cool') with just a tune. Hopefully i can pull some 15.1s or 15.2s tonight. Anything slower and ill be upset. Thinkin bout letting the tire pressure out a bit in the right rear, havent tried that yet.
  12. predator

    I have had the opportuntity to try both the superchip and the predator thru a company I work for for r & d. according to the dyno the predator was a better option, yet at the track the superchip worked way better.. The predator would slip into neutral at the top going thru the traps. (which obviously did not show up on the dyno) I had a ford/predator dealer help me with this. best time out of the predator was 15.14. last night at the track again, wanted to try the superchip now that posi is in car and see which was better before I had to make my discission. so i put the superchip back in and went 14.97. Because I am basicaly computer illerate and of old school racing (carburators) all this computer stuff is relatively new to me. I had to prove to myself that under the same conditions which would work better so I removed the superchip put the predator back in, thats when i went 15.14 but again slipped into neutral at the top end..Has anyone else had this problem.
    I understand the logistics between the two tuners and the predator has more diameters to play with (we tried them all). The fact that the predator can be updated really pulls me to that but the fact that the superchip is quicker, well i really like that..any suggestions?

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  13. What has been done to your car that you tested out?
    Also i was under the impression the XCAL2 had more features to mess around with than the predator. And a tune is a tune, whether you get it on the pretator, or the xcal1/2. Just depends on what you do with that tune. Your cars computer does not know what programmer is tryint to tell it what to do, it just knows that its being told to do something different.

  14. Car is pretty much stock other than lowered and posi. Haven't played with anything on the engine or trany or suspension YET. just tried both programmers.
    Kinda worried about trany(auto) and beating it up..but race season is over for us..last night last race of the year.
    and as for the two different tuners i am not sure of all the parameters they are capable of. Have played with them to the extent of my knowledge am sure there is more available on either but until my ford guy comes back I don't dare, but what i see is predator has more options and like I said updates can be downloaded off internet.
  15. Im pretty sure the xcal2 can download updates from the internet too (livelink and extremetune, and some other software available on their site).

    Pretty good that just lowering your car, tires, posi, and a tune, u are in the 14s, im jealous lol. What was your 60ft time? i bet you are gettin into the 2.0s and 2.1s with those tires and a posi huh? man i could sure use 4 tenths off my 60 foot time lol.
  16. tried to scan timeslip but couldn't see it so
    R/T.......400 (sleeping)

    humity extremely high and chilly..
    to back up pass, Spun off line..track getting damp they shut it down after this

    I was pretty impressed, made it to the 14's next season we'll see..going thru some of the threads here a few people have gone to track .kinda curious as to times and power adders?
  17. scrming is super super close to 13s with his nitrous setup, and im sure he will break it with the 100shot and good conditions.

    I wish we had some chilly weather here, the 90+ degree heat (yes at night when i go) is really killing me. ur 60ft time is like 3 tenths better than mine. I WANT POSI haha. 3 tenths in my 60 should give me 4-6 tenths in the quarter (give me some 14.8-15 flat runs). I wonder if lowering the car helps it squat off the line and get better traction too. Pretty promising v6 though. Maybe ill just put posi in there and an intake, that should make me a pretty constant 14.7 or 14.8 runner.
  18. temperature sensitive

    Its amazing just how temperature sensitive these Ford 4.0L are isnt it?

    I figure that there's massive HP drain going on as the temp's rise anywhere above 85 deg mark

    cool mornings and the car fairly screams / hot afternoons and it cant get out of its own way!
  19. I've definately noticed how much quicker it is in the AM, then in the PM. Lots of people are tellin me that it doesnt deal with extra weight very well either, and me being heavier than norm, dont help lol.
  20. Well, i did try out the 100HP shot yesterday... what a disaster! LOL! Different track.. kind of run down... but I was my own worst enemy!!! First run... fortgot to turn off the traction control! D'OAH... Next run... forgot to hit the O/D button... D'OAH!!! 3rd run... Launch a little harder and I'm spinning 1/2 way down the track!!!! Getting the car to hook with the 100HP is going to be tricky... ok.. well i'll try letting some air out of the tires... WTF... Some one (not me) has tightend my stem caps so tight (aluminum caps) that I can't get them off!!!!! D'OAH!!! Ok.. I'll try an easy launch... got to purge... oh, no... out of juice!!! LOL! Guess I need to start weighing my bottle before I go to the track!

    oh, well... horrible times.. but valuble lessons learned... New tires get put on the back tomorrow... I'll be making myself a little check list for the dash... LOL! On Oct 15th Lidio is have a track day at a local track.... I'll have him drive the car... I'm hoping we'll be well into the 13's... Just have to wait and see!

    best time... was a very disappointing 14.4.... argh!