DiabloSport Predator Tuner (U7145) 2007-2009 various Mustangs, N. Florida

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  1. DiabloSport Predator Tuner (U7145)
    Vehicle: Ford Mustang
    Model: V-6, GT, GT500

    Years: 2007, 2008, 2009
    Model: Bullitt
    Years: 2008, 2009

    This is from their web-site:
    U7145 Stock Vehicle Tunes/Horsepower Gains:
    GT 15-20 rwhp 20-25 ft/lbs (depending on octane)
    GT with CAI 20-30 rwhp 25-35 ft/lbs (depending on intake)
    V6 15 rwhp 15 ft/lbs (87 octane) 20 rwhp 25 ft/lbs (premium)
    GT500 35-40 rwhp 35-45 ft/lbs
    GT500 Pulley tune 50-60 rwhp 50-60 ft/lbs
    GT500 pulley/CAI tune up to 80 rwhp+
    The only flash tuner on the market with support for most cold air intake manufacturers right out of the box.
    Performance Tune for 93 octane
    Performance 95mm MAF tune
    12-14# total boost/95mm MAF tune
    U7145 Specific Features:
    WOT Spark Advance Table (+/- 10%)
    WOT Fuel Table 2000 to 4000 RPM (+/- 15%)
    WOT Fuel Table 4000 to redline (+/- 15%)
    Idle RPM (+/- 20%)
    Global Mass Air Table (+/- 30%)
    Speed Limiter - disable or enable
    Rev Limiter
    Electric Fan Temprature Controls
    Shift Timing - MPH and Engine RPM
    Global Spark Adder (+/- 10 degrees of timing)
    Re-Calibrate Speedometer for gear and tire size changes
    Traction Control
    Exhaust Temperature Controls
    Internet Updateable
    All standard DiabloSport Predator features
    Retail: $309.00
    Sell $175.00 + Shipping

  2. By the way, this is not locked, I removed the tune from my Bullitt so it would have the stock factory tune when I traded it.

    Also, this has the latest download revision update from DiabloSport.
  3. Will this work on a 2010 4.6 3V?
  4. Is this still for sale? thanks
  5. Yes it is.
  6. PMs read, let me know if he changes his mind.

    Predator is still for sale.:)
  7. Shipped price to 27406?
  8. Shipped insured looks like $188.
  9. I assume it has all the canned tunes still?

    paypal ok?

    For some reason I do not get notifications from this forum email me at [email protected] please.

  10. This item has been sold!
  11. Thank you !
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  12. You're welcome, smooth transaction with you!:nice:
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