DiabloSport will release a Predator for V-6

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  1. We had a couple Predator tune issues in which Nick Spinelli garciously helped out in the GT area....BUT even better... He dropped this little piece of information after I indicated I was just a lowly V-6 owner this time around!!!! :D :nice:

    Originally Posted by NickDiabloSport
    DiabloSport will be releasing the 2005 V6 flash programmer soon, and we have seen some good results to this point on the dyno. We have a few more CALID to address and some drivability tests to run, but it should not be much longer and the V6 crowd will be set with all the same great features and performance, relative to the vehicle, Mustang GT owners enjoy.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport Sales Manager
    [email protected]


    DiaboSport is Da' BomB! For far too long has the V-6 platform been ignored and subjugated to the title of the 'The Secretaries Mustang'. It is nice to see a performance company noting a long ignored demographic in the aftermarket performance arena. Again, my utmost respectful thanks for advanced acknowledgement to the V-6 crowd. Based on the sales I have seen on the 6 this year and the strong desire to modify the 4.0L to a new level of performance, Diablo will recoupe the R&D on this product and be bound to make staggering sales!

    Let us know in advance (in the V-6 tech area) when this will be available and the 6-crew will be knocking on your door!

  2. Will it be better than the SCT2? Is the SCT2 even specifically tuned for V6 even though its compatible?
  3. I am not sure echo. I have always been a fan of DiabloSport's products. But, I have to say that based on Nick's customer service, I would be prone to wait and get a Diablo for my Lil' beast. Nick made a concerted effort to not only come online and check on who was having problems, but he provide some excellent information. Interestingly enough, a dyno company followed shortly after him and was willing to help. In the end, it is not only the price, and the product, it is the support that the end user receives that sets apart the good and the best.

    SCT also has a great C/S staff who provide on-line support via their online tech forum.

    I have little experience with Superchips Max Micro-Tuners, so I will reserve comment on their product.

    In any of these products, application programming is the key. So, it is essential that either you start bone-stock, or you get your exact specification to the company prior to install to make sure that the upload is going to be set to your car.

    If you want more info on Diablo's new product, Nick has his email address in the first post of this thread and you are always welcome to contact him.

  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of the Predator!
  5. i have the xcal2 and like it alot. it works with the v6 and v8 . once installed it i lockes onto your car but you could still use it to data log other cars. also i wasent very happy the first few times i called diablo to ask about the v6 first time they said v6 owners dont mod and second time they said not sure. they must have seen all the xcal2s being sold
  6. afixer > Yes. I am sure that DiabloSport opted to wait and see what the sales were going to be like. They would have to weight the R&D and Development costs to potential recoup via sales. Also, the first isn't always the best. By taking the wait and see approach, they can also monitor problems that other companies, like SCT, had with the development and application. They reduce their R&D and development costs by watching what others have done wrong. End result is usually a higher quality product, with fewer issues and happier customers. SCT was ahead of the game and most seem to have been happy with it. It really depends afixer. Don't fault Diablo as a whole for ill-informed customer service representatives. :(

    Glad the SCT is working well. On the X-calibrator2, I like the fact tht you can pull OBD codes for diagnosis and the reflash to factory spec is nice. That in and of itself is worth the $.

    Have you had any problems with warranty work/dealership and having the retune?

  7. Sometimes the first one out is the best and this is one of those cases. The more I learn about Diablo and SCT, there is no comparison. Diablo has a lot to learn to catch up to where SCT is on with the 05's. When Diablo eventually has an 05 V6 tune out, will they have the same problems they are having with the GT?

    The SCT tune for the V6 is different than that of the GT tune for the person who asked.
  8. Have you had any problems with warranty work/dealership and having the retune?



    :rlaugh: >> Damn, forgot about that... It is all in who you know! Lucky Dog! :hail2: