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  1. Based on what you've stated in this thread I don't believe they lied to you. Maybe there are other details that you've left out.

    Sure, have you read about this some where on the net?
  2. I knew about the 'married' part but when I asked 3 times on a detailed convo about it being possible to reuse the predator. Misunderstanding? No. Honest mistake? Maybe, but why would you have techs with the wrong infomation? That :bs: don't fly.

    *edited graphic, not suitable for anyone 17 or under.
  3. First, go back into your post and edit out the graphic. There is no need for that type of stuff in an adult conversation

    To answer your question, probably because they can't man the phones wih people who have the complete technical knowledge of each and every Predator/firmware rev/etc they sell. Since you aware of the 'married' part, maybe you should have inquired to "how" they would perform such a reset. That would have been a good indicator of whether or not he knew what he was talkig about.
  4. It's plain and simple, nothing was missed or heard otherwise and everything was explained. The guy told me 'yes it can be done, all you have to do IS get the predator, and your new car and call us back and WE will go from there. Like I said it all the questions were answered or set back till it got 'hands-on'. If you want to defend poor CS go ahead. That's how sdwheeler started out.
  5. :shrug: Care to explain?
  6. I think this has gone far enough...

    Tomustang, if you have a problem with a manufacturer, take it up with the manufacturer in private.

    Stangnet and its staff are not here to settle issues between you and Diablosport.

    Simply put, Nicks email address is readily available to anyone who reads one of his posts. Send him an email and leave us out of it.
  7. Unfortunatley, you are missing the issue. I am not silly enough to do that. When the dealer reflashes a vehicle with a new CALID that superchips or diablosport dont know about then you programmer will not respond when you go back into your car to install it.

    Of course diablosport allows me that ability to update my predator with the new CALID. But Superchips/SCT is so incompetent that it took them almost 3 months to update my microtuner for the dealer reflash. It had nothing to do with leaving a program inside of it. Thats why I will never use them again.

    That is what makes diablo so easy to work with, they have better hardware and end user systems.
  8. First off, SCT and Superchips are different companies, SCT had used superchips hardware, but now are using their own. So which company are you referring to?

    Your feelings about SCT is how I feel about the incompentance at Diablosport.

    SCT wrote an article when it tuned an 05 ATI Procharged car, you can find this at http://www.modulardepot.com. Now a thread evolved over there between Scott Beer and some of the higher ups from SCT. That article and thread shows right off the bat that SCT does understand the 05 mustang better than Diablosport.

    It also evident that more people are complaining about problems with the Diablo product as compared to SCT among the many forums out there. Reading that article and thread from above explains why.

    The tune in my Thunderbird is from a SCT dealer down in Florida. He got my mail-order tune bang on, on the first try. I haven't had the need to adjust it although I can. This is common thing for a SCT Tuned car. Nick, that is a rather poor excuse for the issues with tunes. If that is the case, hmmmm, testing in areas outside of Florida may be in order.
  9. i think the mods are puting their foot in where it does not belong. Tomustang is entitled to his opinion of a company good or bad. the mods are pressuring him to back up his opinion and he did. why cant he discuss this with all forum members. other people have posted about problems with a company and there are no comments from mods to take them elsewhere. i dont see how if someone asks for specifics and he gives them, why are you all over his case?i want to know as much about other peoples experiences with a company before i buy their product. good or bad reviews welcome. if you had a great experience with a company, tell me. same if you feel you had a bad experience. i dont want to make a purchase from a company if other people i know have had negative issues with them. this forum is for everyone to get the opinions of others so they can make an educated decision for themselves. maybe some get carried away and exaggerate the negatives, but i dont see that in this case. he said specifically what was asked and said, and what reason do we have not to believe him? seems to me that stangnet is supporting diablo sport too much. the topic should be open to all opinions.
  10. Stangnet is not supporting anybody. I let his comments go and asked for more specific info because I knew it would wind up being something silly/stupid. He had his say and no one edited it. As moderator of this forum I asked him to remove a graphic that violated the rules. He was not asked to remove/edit any comment or content other than the graphic.

    Remember, if any of us mods wanted to we could edit/remove his post at anytime. We did not. So how can SN be supporting Diablosport when we allowed him to have his say? While I do not want to stop someone from having their say I also do not want to crucify a manufacturer over something ridiculous. Alienating a manufacturer who comes here and gives information is not good for any of us.
  11. lets see, about 100 good opinions of diablo sport, so far 1 negative. i can see your point, but think that asking him to stop talking about it in the thread was a little over board. maybe a pm or something would have been better. if you would have just dropped the subject, it would have died anyway. JMHO
  12. There were several PMs between he and I, that's when Tyler got involved.
  13. ok, lets get back on topic!!
  14. Manufacturer's all test thoroughly, on the dyno as well as on the street, in all conditions, with expensive diagnostic equipment and air fuel meters.

    Now if your vehicle is set up with different aftermarket modifications, its impossible to check every possible combination of product and manufacturer, or the fuel your using is poor, or not what you think it is, trust me this happens more then you think. You must always consider the risk involved in making aftermarket changes and trying to make power.

    Calibrations are always set up to run air fuel to a specific number, in the case of the 2005 GT the target number is 12.0-12.5, but you have to keep in mind different gauges can vary, we are using an expensive well maintained system built into our chassis dyno by the dyno manufacturer. We are in Florida, heat is always high, humidity as well, and dry clean air is dense and can change air fuel. Different fuel, different combinations of aftermarket parts make for variables.

    The air fuel numbers you claim to make are so far off the scale it does not surprise me there was a problem, but a DiabloSport calibration was not commanding that number, something else was creating this condition, and the best we can do is give you safe ranges of adjustability, the ability to add a custom tune, and attempt to educate the end user on what to do if these conditions exist.

    DiabloSport can not be there to monitor each vehicle, we do however supply you the end-user with the tools to do it, and try to educate people on how to deal with different situations.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport V.P Marketing
    [email protected]
  15. Nick, what you are saying is crystal clear to me. Well done.
  16. Ok Nick. Please, educate me. I have an 05 GT with the MAC CAI. The CEL comes on and codes are for both banks running too lean. I have cleared the codes many times but it always comes back. I have run through all the profiles that came with the Predator and the CEL comes on with the same codes. Please teach me what I need to do to get this dialed in. The shop recommends I replace the CAI with the stock airbox. What can I adjust using the Predator or anything else (safely!) to dial in the A/F ratio to achieve 12.0 to 12.5 that you quoted ?
  17. I will assume your using the U7140 Predator programmer. This is not set up for a CAI system. The 05 GT, and all CAN operating system vehicles, are extremely sensitive to changes and the addition of a CAI is especially critical because of the effect on the MAF sensor.

    We make manufacturer specific Predator programmers for CAI systems, we do not have one for the system your using, but you can have a CMR dealer create a custom tune for your application.

    The C&L and Steeda programmers we make are specific to their CAI kits and are not considered suitable for other systems. Although they may seem similar they are different and have different characteristics. You might check with the dealer who sold you the CAI to see if they offer the proper calibration for the system they sold you, running the vehicle with these parts can be dangerous and needs to be addressed.

    The lean conditions your describing are consistent with what happens when the wrong calibration is used, and although the Predator is adjustable, you need more then just a tweak of the tune for the modifications you’ve made. Custom programming is the way to go at this point.

    Use our dealer locator to find a tuning dealer in your area.


    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport V.P Marketing
    [email protected]
  18. Nick,
    I've never used your systems as I drive a 66 fastback. That said, I've always enjoyed the way you deal with post by giving the best information possible. It would be nice if more manufacturer types would visit these boards and clue in those of us requiring a clue.

  19. I was taught by a good friend, and my old boss Dario Orlando, customer service is what keeps customers coming back, plus the more the customer knows about your product and his vehicle the better equipped he is to make the right decisions about what to buy and use on his vehicle.

    Then our job is easy, make the best product, with the best features and sell it for a fair price and include a great warranty.

    DiabloSport does all these things, which is what made it an easy position to take when I left Steeda to come here four years ago.

    We believe we manufacturer the best programmer on the market today, so its easy to stand behind. Not everyone will agree, or always have the same great experience. Its my job to try to make those customers understand why things may have gone the way they did, and that we will always do our best to help when we can, and explain how these issues can be avoided in the future.

    Thank you for the compliment but this is my job and helping or cluing people in, as you say, is the part of it I like the best.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport V.P Marketing
    [email protected]
  20. Thanks Nick


    Thanks for the response, you answered my question. My question was asked because DiabloSport use to indicate what the tune did. This does not seem to be the case anymore. I purchased the Predator shortly after it was released to replace my SCT, because I like the ability to adjust certain parameters on my own without having to send it back. Your product is great and I have never had a problem with it.

    The fact that DiabloSport stopped posting what the revision did concerned me. It seems as though my post spawned other comments about people having trouble, and I agree with your response, because I know people who have had problems with the SCT as well. They stem from exactly the things you and others mentioned. It is impossible to create one tune that will work with every modification and people need to use common sense and ask if they are uncertain.

    As far as the comments people made about Microsoft and others releasing patches, the difference is that they describe what they are for. There is no secrecy about the issues they are addressing. That is what I was after, a clear indication of what the revision addressed so I can determine if and when I should apply the update.

    Thanks again